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Review of the album “Lost Temper” by the Sevillians Hell Of A Mind

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Review of the album “Lost Temper” by the Sevillians Hell Of A Mind

If we paid attention only to their music without investigating further, we might well think that they come from Seattle or London. And not only because they sing in Shakespeare’s language, but because of the quality of the songs and the production. But nothing could be further from the truth: the three boys who make up Hell Of A Mind They have the city of Seville as their base of operations. After debuting in 2022 (full pandemic) with the EP “The Excepcional Force”which was followed by the single “Fake” the same year”, they said goodbye to 2023 by finally publishing their first full-length.

Javi Paton (singer, guitarist and composer of the songs) was previously active in a group in which they covered groups like Muse -without a doubt the main mirror in which they look-, Biffy Clyro o Arctic Monkeys, And that shows. But they also recognize the influence of alternative groups from the nineties such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine o The Smashing Pumpkins. Patón, point a Manu Ramos (bass) y Sergio Bueno (drums) They make up this power trio in which no other member is missed.

From the fat, bluesy riff of “Elephant In The Room,” the album sounds like a cannon. The heaviness of the riffs and the rhythmic base are compensated by everything melodic that the voice provides. In “Lost Temper” They present up to thirteen songs in which there is room for optimism in cuts such as the title track or “My Turn, Burn”, the reed of “The Mask” or the excellent arrangements of “Fake”. Pay attention to Hell Of A Mind, because they are going strong.

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