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Review of the comic “Go West Young Man”, published by Norma

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Review of the comic “Go West Young Man”, published by Norma

Making the list of authors of this succulent volume is a bit of drama, why fool ourselves. A screenwriter, and director of the project, Tiburce Oger, to which up to fifteen cartoonists are added. Almost nothing. The objective, yes, is luxury. And the result too. It was about paying homage, with the help of a handful of colleagues from the Franco-Belgian scene, to western comics. To the western, go. And the fruit of the work and the many hours invested is directly impeccable. Fourteen short stories that move in a time period that covers three centuries, from 1783 to 1938. The good thing is that to the eclectic proposal reinforced by the variety in drawing and color, an element is added that gives unity to everything: the story of a watch that to a greater or lesser extent gives meaning to everything narrated. Sometimes with more importance and sometimes with less, but making this theoretical “story novel” almost become something more continuous. The balance is worth mentioning and the idea is good. Similar to what the friends of Proyecto Estefanía do with their small volumes, in whose novels there is always an element in common that links them with the rest.

The north-south war, the Mexican revolution, Indians, the conquest of the West… Everything has its own little space and lovers of the genre enjoy reading it like crazy. That the script is completely written by Oger is an absolute success and that the color does not always fall to the same artist as well, because it creates a noticeable visual appeal that, in addition, manages to place us at a glance at different moments in the story. For some time now, in my house – as in many people’s homes – there have been space problems for storing records, books and comics, which means that I have to get rid of more than I would like. But volumes like this deserve an effort to find a little corner, because the condition of a small gem is by no means exaggerated.

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