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Sardinia, the 5s Missing queen of preferences: Todde wins for a “fascist”?

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Sardinia, the 5s Missing queen of preferences: Todde wins for a “fascist”?

Sardinia, Todde wins for a fascist? Desirè Manca – future regional councilor and queen of preferences – was immortalized with the bust of Mussolini

Alessandra Todde becomes officially President of the Sardinia Region. And first governor of 5 Star Movement. Clearly the cry to the bogeyman “fascism” is not lacking, it is a mantra of the left that passes from Santa Maria di Leuca to Bolzano. The candidate Truzzu, the outgoing mayor of Cagliari third to last in terms of approval among the Mayors of Italy, comes out with broken bones in a fundamentally losing game. “No Slogan, Only Sardinia” was his slogan for the election campaign.

More than talking about Todde victorywe should talk about demerit in the choices made in a phantom and almost fictional management of electoral political propaganda. Has the center-right lost? No, Truzzu lost. The centre-right lists lost 48.8%, compared to the Todde lists at 42.6%, and it is one of the very rare cases in which the presidential candidate takes less than the lists: -3.8%.

But here the theme is different: as Il Giornale reveals, the queen of preferences is the future regional councilor Desirè Mancathis candidate was immortalized in an anachronistic pose with the bust of Mussolini in his arms. “Fascists in the Government. It must be said”, and again “”Government of fascists, the resistance begins from our region”, words of Alessandra Todde. Tal Manca has totaled 8010 preferences. Calculations in hand: Todde gets 330,619 votes minus 8010 preferences of Donna Desirè equals a total of 322,609 votes. Truzzu, 327,695. We can say that Alessandra Toddefirst female governor of the Sardinia Region, did he win for a “fascist”? CWhat role will it have in the future government of Sardinia?

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Dispassionate advice: maybe next time it would be better to take photos with the dog, rather than with the bust of Mussolini…

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