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Riccardo Simonetti: Glamorous but familiar – the wedding plan is in place!

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Riccardo Simonetti: Glamorous but familiar – the wedding plan is in place!


Riccardo Simonetti Familiar with a pinch of glamour

Ricardo Simonetti

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Entertainer Riccardo Simonetti talks about his wedding plans in Mallorca, his mother’s inspiration and bride monster airs.

There are only a few months left before they will be declared husband and wife. So it’s no wonder that with entertainers and presenters Riccardo Simonetti, 30, slowly becomes nervous. He will soon swear eternal love to his partner, American Steven, 40. But there’s still a lot to do until then, as the podcaster (“Free Hugs” with Anke Engelke) reveals in the GALA interview.

Riccardo Simonetti: His wedding will be celebrated in Mallorca in the summer

This year you are going to the altar. How are you doing?
I’m really excited. We’re getting married in Mallorca in the summer. This will be super nice.

Do you already have a location?
We are currently deciding between different options, but we can also very well imagine getting married in my finca, as we want to keep the day very intimate and familiar. Of course everything with a pinch of glamour. (laughs)

Who has the final say in the planning?
Since it’s our big day together, we really decide everything together. No matter whether location, guest list or wedding rings. We even talk about our wedding looks.

Mama Simonetti is the inspiration for Riccardo’s wedding look

This is rather unconventional.
True, but my partner’s opinion is simply the most important to me. And we have fun exchanging ideas and inspiring each other about our outfits.

What will you wear on your big day?
I will create an individual look together with the Kaviar Gauche label. There’s no other way because I can’t just go to a normal bridal outfitter. After all, I don’t want to wear a wedding dress or a normal suit. It should be a look that suits me and reflects my personality.

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Your mother accompanied you to the first fittings.
That was absolutely beautiful. She tried on a few outfits for me so I could get an idea of ​​the fabrics and cuts. That helped me alot.

Is your mother’s bridal look at the time an inspiration for you?
She looked great back then. I could easily imagine adopting something or incorporating it into my look. For example, a piece of fabric or the jewelry she wore back then. I feel very connected to my mom and this would be a nice way to honor her.

The name of his lover made of diamonds – Simonetti dreams of this ring

What ideas do you have for your wedding rings?
We have them made by our good friend and jewelry designer Leo Mathild. My partner will probably choose a simple ring. I would like something personal – for example his name in diamonds, made into a ring.

Couples often have a strict idea of ​​their big day. How are you doing?
Of course we also have ideas and wishes about how this day should be. But I’m not going to tell anyone what they can and can’t contribute to our big day. If you want to organize speeches, games or something similar, that’s fine with us. And if none of that happens, that’s it. They know us best and I think there’s nothing worse than turning into a Bridezilla while planning. (laughs)

In which language will the wedding be held?

You have Italian roots, your partner comes from the USA. Will you be married in English?
This is a topic I try to avoid all the time. (laughs) My partner and I speak English to each other. Some of my family from Italy speak neither German nor English, only Italian. My fiancé’s family, on the other hand, only understands English. So it’s complicated. I can imagine it will be a mix of everything.

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