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Rocío Saiz, critic of Autoboycott and rest (2023)

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Rocío Saiz, critic of Autoboycott and rest (2023)

Since we recommend them “Bitter Love”many things have happened in the life of Rocio Saiz. What is best known to the general public is, of course, the censorship at Murcia Pride, which led numerous media outlets to decide that, oh, perhaps a space should be dedicated to this girl whom they did not know – those who were not familiar with her. ignoring because ‘I didn’t know about music’. Yeah “Bitter Love” It was already a warning that they might be wrong, “Self-boycott and rest” He closes their mouths completely. It is not a complete album, of course, but it certainly contains ample evidence that Rocío knows what she is talking about when it comes to composing a good melody, choosing a production that complements her voice and, ultimately, having an enviable ear. pop.

In the review of his EP we told you that his taste for pop was evident because, far from being the typical lackadaisical pop work with a hit, a hit song and the rest filler, there was love in all the songs, and here it happens again the same. With two very different parts, the company of TAURO, FUTURACHICAPOP, Chica Sobresalto and Mané López, and a declared inspiration in Robyn, Meat Loaf, Belinda Carlisle and even Ludovico Einaudi, Rocío creates an album that aims to be a “road trip” through the emotions associated with its title, and which is full of references. “Pretty and smart,” with its lyrics composed of classics (“Our love broke,” “Woman against woman,” “Blind deaf-mute,” “The party is over,” “And I’m still here,” “The cat in the rain” and “Indications of regret”for example), is the most obvious in this intention, but there are many more lost in the tracklist.

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“Turnedo” by Iván Ferreiro appears in “stay – revolutionary act”y “It’s so hard to forget you” of Mecano in “Fierce attachments” (perhaps the most robynesque), and it’s hard to believe that “Under pressure” by Queen & Bowie and even the “Dime” of Beth are not a reference in a certain part of “Architecture of affect” – song that, in turn, nods to Fangoria with its title. Although, if we talk about titles, “When I have you by my side in the end there are always hugs, and when we separate I can’t dodge your darts.” (take, Lana del Rey) takes the award, surpassing that of “If I die tomorrow, I will have told you that I love you.” of “Bitter Love.” This is also probably the best song on the album, thanks to a delicious production (perfect for fans of The Weeknd’s eighties revisitations), and a wonderful chorus full of nostalgia that manages to move you.

Other highlights of the album are the instrumental outro of “stay – revolutionary act”, the hooks through the reiteration in “I’m not well”the mix in “Abyectas” of drum & bass, Chico y Chica and a lot of synth-pop (which is what predominates in this second work by the Madrid native) or the sarcastic play of verbs in the lyrics of “Fierce attachments”. Rocío recently commented in an interview that, since she decided to prioritize music, her standard of living has dropped a lot, “Life is becoming more difficult and more expensive, and sometimes you think if the 14,000 euros that you have invested in an album could not have been invested in something else”. We do not know the commercial fate that will occur “Autoboycott and rest”but after listening to it, what we do know is that she can be proud of that investment.

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