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Salento, cradle of talents. A conversation with Yari Verdesca

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Salento, cradle of talents.  A conversation with Yari Verdesca

Young talents, in many artistic fields, are the pride of our Salento. The future belongs to the young; the future is already here if we can trust the talented young people from Salento who, in Italy and around the world, are standard-bearers of success and rebirth! Among these is the fourteen-year-old from Lecce Yari Verdesca that plowing the stage of The Voice Kids he made our land proud.

On a beautiful and sunny day of this strange winter, we met him – together with his father Giuseppe – in the beautiful garden of the “John Paul II” Mediterranean Culture Center. It was a simple exchange of ideas and feelings about life and the future. This interview for the readers of CorriereSalentino.it was born

Hi Yari, what is your idea of ​​the future?

I affectionately greet all the readers of the Corriere Salentino. My idea of ​​the future is given by my past and my present linked to my greatest passion, that of music. Yes, because for me music is life, it is communication, it is an expression of the truest feelings of those who listen to it and even more so of those who perform it. So, I imagine my future filled with lots of music and lots of emotions!

What does a 14-year-old from Generation Z dream of?

My biggest dream would be to be able to perform at the great Wembley Stadium, which featured the greatest “queens” of Rock, such as Queen and the great king of pop Michael Jackson, as well as my greatest idols to whom I humbly dedicate myself I inspire.

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Could you tell us how your adventure on The Voice Kids was?

The Vice Kids was the most beautiful and spectacular experience of my life. Already from the first auditions, singing in front of the authors of the program, including the director Sergio Colabona and being chosen from over 3000 candidates, the emotion and adrenaline were high. Entering the RAI studios for the first time and singing on the stage of The voice Kids, so beautiful, full of lights, cameras, orchestra, audience, over 4 million viewers and great artists such as Antonella Clerici, Gigi D’Alessio, Clementino, Arisa and the great Loredana Bertè, it was like living a dream. As if to say, “What more do you want from life at this age?” Then, one of the strongest emotions was sharing so much time together with coach who I chose: Loredana Bertè, and discover that behind that model of a rock woman, aggressive style, hides a very sweet woman who gave me so much affection and gave me musical advice that I will always carry with me. No less important were all my “friends” that I met on The Voice Kids, with whom we shared this great adventure without competition which still keeps us united and united today!. . . And then all the affection and compliments received from thousands and thousands of viewers from all over Italy and beyond moved me and encouraged me; even more so in following my passion for music with commitment and study.

Do you have an anecdote to report to our readers?

I don’t have a particular anecdote, the only thing I can confess is that every time, before singing in any context, I hold tightly in my hand the cross that I have had hanging from my necklace for years, this makes me feel “protected and safe” .

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What are your plans for the future?

My first plans for the future are, first of all, to work hard at school to have a good general culture, to seriously study singing and piano and to start writing the first lyrics for my songs, because I wouldn’t want to be the cover of other artists but a performer original. Then to be honest, there are some important projects in the pipeline, but I don’t want to spoil anything for you. . .

Yari, you have a great talent: the art of singing with a smile! How do you plan to “engage” him?

I think that each of us has a talent that the Lord has given us and I believe that mine is precisely this: singing! I hope to give with my voice, emotions, serenity and consequently smiles that… are good for the heart!

A message for your peers and their parents.

I have been listening to music since I was in my mother’s womb, because my parents deal with music and entertainment for events, and I am sure that they passed this great passion on to me in their DNA. I don’t know if I will be able to become a real singer or a performer, but I can only tell you that already in my little life experience I understood that we must NEVER lose hope. I will pursue my dream to the end, with commitment and dedication thanks to the affection and esteem of many people and certainly thanks to the support of my parents who support me and encourage me to always do better. And this is very important to me!

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