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Sanremo 2024, Amadeus replies to Elena Cecchettin: ‘Performance Mare Fuori was good’

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Sanremo 2024, Amadeus replies to Elena Cecchettin: ‘Performance Mare Fuori was good’

“I express the utmost pain for what happened to Elena Cecchettin and her family. And I respect her opinion, but in my opinion Mare Fuori’s intervention was beautiful”. These are the words of Amadeus after Giulia Cecchettin’s sister’s criticism of the intervention against gender violence by the actors of Mare Fuori which was staged on the Sanremo stage. “She will not be invited on stage and I will not call her: you call someone when you have to apologize, but not when you don’t have to apologize,” he added.

Cecchettin: “In Sanremo a scene full of pinkwashing”

“The phrases heard on that stage are the stuff of Baci Perugina. And above all they are phrases about love. But love has nothing to do with male violence” the words of Carlotta Vagnoli, writer and activist, shared by Elena on social, in reference to the participation of the cast of Mare Fuori in Sanremo 2024. The actors of the famous Italian TV series in fact recited a text against violence by the writer Matteo Bussola which, however, left room for discontent. Cecchettin reinforced the criticisms made by Vagnoli, adding: “The victims of feminicide and 13 survivors make little of a scene full of pinkwashing, seriously, couldn’t we have done better?”.

The criticisms

After the performance staged on Wednesday evening on the Ariston stage, the post written by Carlotta Vagnoli received hundreds of comments and shares from people who, like her, found that speech on the “words of love” rhetorical and “absolutely not in focus”. We talk about love, but “femicide is not love”. “We don’t talk about patriarchy, rape culture, male violence against women, privilege, toxic masculinity,” writes Vagnoli. “Having a man write a piece like that seems to me to be the most ridiculous point of the evening.”

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The text of Compass

Giovanna Sannino, Matteo Paolillo, Yeva Sai, Domenico Cuomo, Antonio D’Aquino, Francesco Panarella, Maria Esposito and Massimiliano Caiazzo are the eight protagonists of Mare Fuori who on Wednesday evening recited the text by Matteo Bussola at the center of the controversy. Here is the text:

“Listen, that’s the first word. A woman who talks to you, trusts you; never treat her with disdain or annoyance. There’s a difference between complaining about you and complaining at you.

Welcome is the second, no one deserves the violence of having to adhere to other people’s expectations. Of being considered too much or too little. Not yet or not anymore; let’s make him feel welcomed for who he is.

Accept is the third, love doesn’t always last; after a shared journey it may happen that we have to break a heart in order not to break ourselves. We are in the world to flourish, not to wither in the shadow of relationships we no longer recognize. Loving means accepting that people are happy even without you.

Learn is the fourth: love is a job and learning it is perhaps the most important thing we are here for. Daily application is needed, you teach your words, she teaches yours; until you invent your own…

Truth is the fifth: let’s abandon the stereotypes of the real man and the real woman to aspire to be real men and real women…”.

Next is the sixth: a couple is not based on assigning roles but on sharing them, on being close… That silence is only what testifies to your love.

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No, it’s the seventh, a harsh word but one that we must be able to pronounce and that others must be ready to receive. Love must never have anything to do with possession; this is why sometimes ‘no’ is the highest declaration of love that can be made.

Together is the eighth, a word that may seem a little out of fashion… It is the most precious, in which to invest for the future. What matters is to start looking into each other’s eyes again and what we choose to see will depend only on us.”

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