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CAN 2023 and Mondoblog competition ~ Mondoblog

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CAN 2023 and Mondoblog competition ~ Mondoblog


Welcome to this special edition of the African Football Cup of Nations. The 34th edition of the largest sporting competition on the African continent is currently taking place in Ivory Coast.

In this newsletter the mondobloggers talk behind the scenes of the tournament:

– the mobilization of Ivorian transporters for a safe and accident-free CAN,
– civility in the stands,
– the introduction of foreign supporters to Nouchi, this language spoken in the streets of large Ivorian cities,
– of the journey initiated by three football fan influencers across European and African roads.

In this edition of the newsletter, also find the announcement of the Mondoblog competition for the year 2024. This is the 11th recruitment session for new bloggers, which is open until March 1st.

Today’s two Mondoblog Audio are also dedicated to the CAN 2023 and return specifically to the football festival that is the CAN and to a Togolese group who became known by producing several songs which celebrate African football.

Good reading and good listening !


⚽️🤝 #Sport #Discrimination – Major sporting competitions are generally considered moments of inclusion and mixing. Indeed, people from all cultures come together in one place: sport. But it happens that confrontations between certain countries give rise to a split, for the duration of a match. Ousmane MAMOUDOU observes his fellow citizens. Niger has only participated in two final phases of the CAN. Nigerians support other teams, sometimes depending on racial proximity to the countries represented.


« During a football match all minds are connected. Everyone supports their team. From time to time, the calm of the neighborhood is interrupted by cries of joy. The CAN is undoubtedly a celebration which brings together people in all their differences. »

Jean Paul SORO, Ivory Coast


⚽️🚗 #Travel #Backpackers – Randy GUINE, Sacko CAMARA and Cresus SAMBA are three young content creators who together have hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks. In January, they undertook a daring adventure: reaching Abidjan, in Ivory Coast, from Paris… by car. 7000 kilometers! Which they covered in two weeks, which allowed them to arrive in time for the start of the CAN. The Cameroonian Badal FOHMOH enthusiastically followed their journey.
🔗 CAN 2023: from Paris to Abidjan by car
⚽️🗣️ #Nouchi
#Dialogue Football fans arrive from the four corners of the world to reach Ivory Coast and are currently crowding the streets of Abidjan, Korhogo and Bouaké. Jean Christ Koffi N’GUESSAN enjoys giving some lexical advice to these numerous visitors, so that they avoid any misunderstandings that could arise during their conversations with the Ivorians who speak to them in their language rich in local words and expressions. When supporters discover Nouchi…
🔗 A can with the scent of nouchi
⚽️🗑️ #Tribunes #Citizenship
– Ivorian supporters set themselves a challenge: to clean the stadiums at the end of each match so as not to leave trash in the stands. Together, they collect the waste and put it in bins. A civic attitude that the supporters of other teams have followed and which they also adopt, following the example of the Malians, the Algerians and the Tunisians who take care not to leave the slightest waste in the stands. An attitude welcomed and encouraged by Yves-Landry KOUAMÉ.
🔗 Eco-citizen supporters
⚽️🚕 #Home #Safety
The success of a tournament of the scale of an African Cup of Nations requires the contribution of all the strengths of the host country. An even more important necessity for a country like Ivory Coast which had not organized the tournament for 40 years. The world blogger LAMA reports that as a prelude to the CAN, carriers mobilized, committing to making this month of competition one of safety on the roads and courtesy towards football supporters.
🔗 CAN 2024: Ivorian carriers sound the mobilization
⚽️🥳 #Party #Football
– The African Cup of Nations has become essential, it is the main sporting event on the continent, this competition, which sees 24 nations compete, figures prominently on the world football stage. Each African team aims to assert its supremacy over African football. Eliane NABI recounts this month of competition and celebration in his country Ivory Coast, but also throughout Africa!
🔗 CAN 2024: a story to tell

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THE Mondoblog Audio (MA) are sound clips that take blog articles from written to spoken. Every week, the Mondoblog team invites a mondoblogger to read one of its articles by recording on their phone. His blog is thus highlighted in the form of a column, halfway between an audio book and a mood post. Find all the Mondoblog Audio on the Youtube channel the RFI.

For a month, a singular noise will punctuate life on an entire continent: the cry coming from the depths of a stadium audience, echoed with a slight delay by radios and televisions and which transforms into a formidable echo in the cities , neighborhoods, villages. The Senegalese blogger Rahmane MBENGUE makes an ode to this African Cup of Nations which brings people together.

Football and music have always had a strong connection. The major tournaments each have their own anthem. The one from the 2019 African Cup of Nations was “Panenka” by Toofan. The Togolese group made a specialty of producing the CAN soundtrack, since it was on its third try, after 2012 and 2015. The story is told by the Togolese Roger MAWULOLO.


Mondoblog, the platform for French-speaking RFI bloggers, is organizing the eleventh edition of its competition to expand its community.

Since the future has never seemed so uncertain, let’s invent it! The world of tomorrow is still to be imagined and many dreams remain to be realized. This is why RFI is offering this new edition of the Mondoblog competition on the theme: “All actresses and actors of change”. Our wish: to know your vision of the world after.

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To participate, candidates must be French-speaking, aged 18 or over, complete the online form and attach a personal production. This production can be in the format of their choice: text, photo, video, audio, etc.

Registrations are open until March 1 at 12:30 p.m. UT.

Because we are looking in the same direction, we decided to partner with Iwaria (www.iwaria.com), the free African photos service.
You can populate this image bank with your snapshots taken in Africa.

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