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Sanremo 2024 fifth evening lineup: release times of singers and guests of the final

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Sanremo 2024 fifth evening lineup: release times of singers and guests of the final

Sanremo, 10 February 2024 – Here we are, the moment of truth has finally arrived. After a record week, this evening at the Ariston theater there is finale of the 74th Sanremo Festival. So let’s find out the lineup, times and order of release of singers e guests. The wait to know the winner of the 2024 edition is now skyrocketing, especially afterwards the controversies and the boos for the victory of Oilier in the cover evening. After Marco Mengoni, Georgie, Teresa Mannino e Lorella Cuccarinialongside Amadeus there is in the role of co-host Fiorello, already the protagonist of several improvisations on stage these days.

Sanremo 2024 final: the order of release of the singers

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The program of the fifth evening of Sanremo 2024: guests and singers. What awaits us in tonight’s final

Special evening also for Amadeus himself, on his last at the Ariston afterwards five editions as host and artistic director. An adventure marked by record registered yesterday with the appointment dedicated to duets: the 67.8% share is the highest average figure ever for Friday evening.

As for the competition, the 30 singers competing they perform their songs again, judged exclusively by televoting, and at the end the general ranking will be announced. The top five artists of the rankings undergo a second round of judgments, this time by the three juries: press room, TV and web (33%), radio jury (33%) and public with televoting (34%). The most voted will be the winner of Sanremo 2024.

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Sanremo 2024 final ranking: how the winner is decided and how much televoting weighs. The simple explanation

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What time does Sanremo 2024 start today and when does the fifth evening end. The times

Guests of the evening Gigliola Cinquetti for the 60th anniversary of ‘I’m not old enough’, Roberto Bolle e Luca Argentero. There is on the Costa ship I have while in Piazza Colombo it’s up to Tananai.

Sanremo 2024, the lineup and times of the final

8.45pm Opening with Mameli’s anthem and entry of Amadeus 8.57pm Televoting begins 9pm Renga and Nek 9.06pm BigMama 9.11pm Gazzelle 9.16pm Dargen D’Amico 9.28pm Fiorello enters 9.36pm Il Volo 9.42pm Loredana Bertè 9.53pm Negramaro 10.02pm Mahmood 10pm .12 French Saints 10.26pm Performance by Roberto Bolle 22.38 Diodato 22.46 Fiorella Mannoia 23.06 Alessandra Amoroso 23.12 Alfa 23.21 Irama 23.45 Ghali 23.51 Annalisa 00.08 Angelina Mango 00.13 Geolier 00.18 Emma 00.29 Il Tre 00.35 Ricchi e Poveri 00.43 The Kolors 01.0 0 Maninni 01.05 La Sad 01.11 Mr. Rain 01.18 Fred De Palma 01.23 Sangiovanni 01.28 Clara 01.33 BNKR44 01.38 ROSE Villain 01.43 Stop on televoting 01.53 definitive ranking from 30th in sixth place 01.57 Codes of the five finalists 01.58 artists via to Televoto 02.17 Stop on televoting 02.18 first awards 02.25 Proclamation of the winner 02.30 Employment performance 02.40.

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