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Chus Mateo does not want surprises against Breogán

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Chus Mateo does not want surprises against Breogán

Chus Mateo, Real Madrid basketball coach, asked his players to give their “best version” during their visit to Breogán this Sunday. and respect a rival that historically has always given you a lot of problems and has beaten you on your home court.

“We try not to distract the focus because obviously we have to respect Breogán. Historically, they always give us a lot of problems, in fact in recent years they have been able to beat us at home. We have to be focused on this match knowing that the Copa del Rey is close to us,” the coach said in statements provided by his club.

He warned that, when playing in front of their fans, the Galician team exhibits “a very good offensive game” and in defense they are a “difficult opponent to beat”, so they will have to give their best version “on an individual and collective level.”

In search of the best physical level

Regarding the state of his squad a few days before their debut in the Copa del Rey, he said that little by little they are finding the physical level they want. “It is true that so many matches often mean that we do not train as we would like.

“Many have the rhythm of competition, but others who have been injured or have played less have to find it.”. We will try to give everyone their chance to show that they are finding their rhythm. We don’t have to rush,” she added.

Mateo admitted that Breogán draws his attention as a block. “They are fighting to get out of a low position because making European parties compatible It has not been easy, but I think they are doing a very serious job and I hope and wish that they do not have problems at the end of the season.”

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