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Man wanted for kidnapping and terrorism captured in Algeciras

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Man wanted for kidnapping and terrorism captured in Algeciras

In an operation coordinated by the National Police in Algeciras, department of Huila, a man identified as ‘Camacho’, 42 years old, who was required by the specialized Prosecutor’s Office 5 of Neiva under law 600 of the year 2000 for the crimes of kidnapping for ransom, extortion and acts of terrorism.

The arrest was carried out during a control and request plan background in the Villa del Prado neighborhood. Alias ​​’Camacho’ worked in a renowned passenger transportation company at the time of his capture.

After his arrest, the individual was presented to the competent authorities to establish his alleged participation in the aforementioned crimes. As a result of the preliminary hearings, the security measure in a prison center was determined.

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Colonel William Javier Lara Avendaño, in an official statement, highlighted that this capture is part of the operational actions that are being carried out in the department to put criminal actors who have an arrest warrant behind bars.

The National Police has intensified its background plans using the biometric sensor, which allows full identification of people and access to databases to identify those with current arrest warrants. This measure seeks to strengthen the security and tranquility of the community in the department of Huila.

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