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sea ​​restrictions

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sea ​​restrictions

The district authorities of Santa Marta announced that for this Thursday the use of beaches for recreation and bathing was prohibited, due to the rough seas that occur on the city’s coasts.

Alex Velázquez, director of the office for Risk Management and Climate Change of Santa Marta (Ogricc), stated that the restrictions on the city’s spas occur due to the traffic of two cold fronts.

He indicated that given this panorama they have made a series of recommendations, including the restriction of navigation to smaller or passenger vessels, as well as the practice of nautical sports with or without motor.

Velásquez expressed that this hydrometeorological phenomenon is generating a continuous flow of winds with intensities of 17 to 30 knots and a wave height that ranges between 1.3 and 3.6 meters, causing the agitation of the sea.

“According to the information provided to us by the Ospa, a cold front is passing through the Caribbean, which has generated strong waves and precipitation of rain, therefore, the recommendation from this office is to avoid approaching the beaches of the District,” said the director of the Ogricc.

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In this same sense, the district official invited citizens to be attentive to the information coming from local authorities and relief organizations in the sector.

He added that they remain on alert to extend this restriction according to the next information bulletins issued by the Port Captain of Santa Marta.

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