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Sean Penn new photos |  Entertainment

Šon Pen’s new photos surprised many.

Source: Profimedia

Sean Penn (63) is one of the most famous seducers of Hollywood, and he starred in many films, some of which are “Mystic River”, “21 Grams” and “Dead Man Walking”.

Along with a rich acting career, Pen also had a rich love life. He was married to pop music icon Madonna for four years, with whom he divorced in 1989. Then, from 1996, he kissed Robin Wright. They separated in 2010, and he had two children in the marriage, a daughter Dilan and a son Hoper.

Ten years later he had fun with Lejla, and last summer he was seen with actress Olga Korotjaeva, but that was short-lived and the old seducer was soon seen with activist Natali Keli, who is 24 years younger than him.

The famous actor was recently photographed in Malibu, and the photos and his appearance surprised many. That his years have caught up with him is also shown by the fact that his hair, which used to be gray, is now completely white, making it difficult to recognize him.

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FAMOUS ACTOR UNRECOGNIZED: New photos surprised everyone, now he looks different

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