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Shooting in South Carolina: 5 dead, even 2 children. The killer, former football player Phillip Adams, is killed

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The gunman who killed five people, including a well-known doctor in South Carolina, is former American football player Phillip Adams. The man, 32, had played a cornerback role for the Atlanta Falcons in the National Football League. After the multiple murder, he killed himself late at night with a .45 caliber firearm. The Associated Press reported, quoting a source informed on the facts. The source, who spoke to AP on condition of anonymity, said the parents of the former National Football League (Nlf) professional live near the home of the slain doctor in Rock Hill. The killed doctor had, in the past, treated the player.

The shooting took place in the doctor’s home. The victims are Robert and Barbara Lesslie, aged 70 and 69, along with their grandchildren aged 5 and 9 and a 39-year-old man who worked in their home. Police later announced on Twitter that they were looking for a suspect, “a young African American wearing a hoodie and military-style pants.” A sixth person was injured in the shooting and his condition is described as serious.


The authorities, who have searched the area with helicopters and drones, have announced that they have captured a suspect, but without giving further details. Specifying that it is not believed that there is more danger to the community, the authorities have announced that they will give more information as soon as possible. The attack is the latest in a series of shootings that have reignited the arms control debate in the United States and today Joe Biden is expected to announce six executive actions to control arms sales.

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The York County Sheriff’s Office said the family involved is “very important and very well known” in the area. “Dr. Robert Lesslie and his wife Barbara – the police said – were both found at home and died of gunshot wounds, as were their two grandchildren. James Lewis, a man who was working in the house, also died of gunshot wounds ”. The two children were 5 and 9 years old. The authorities said they had identified a suspect, and it would be a neighbor of the family. Now we investigate to understand the motive.

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