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Special snacks: The supermarket tour continues….

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Special snacks: The supermarket tour continues….

The tour of supermarkets in search of unusual snacks and drinks continues:

we went to Conad and I found a series of particular appetizers.

Le Pringles Flame extra hot Cheese & Chili another flavor belonging to the ultra spicy series, the flavor of the chips is overwhelmed by the excess of spiciness, making you lose all flavor in your mouth. The cheese flavor is very, very latent. A delusion.

Chicken Style by Viva Chips, roasted chicken flavored chips. As soon as you open the package you are enveloped in the flavor of rotisserie chicken. The flavor, however, disappoints, as it is not very intense, and after a while it becomes cloying on the palate. The curious note is the shape of the chip, made like a chicken leg, excellently fried because it is not greasy. Worth trying once out of curiosity.

Santa Maria Tortilla Chips Cheese & Jalapeno, corn tortillas for a pleasant aperitif. Unfortunately, when you open the bag you can’t smell any scent that matches the flavors indicated on the bag. The flavor is the same as normal tortillas, no sense of spiciness from the jalapenos and a distant aftertaste of cheese. They are good for dipping in various sauces from yogurt or hot chili to classic guacamole.

Loacker has recently created wafers with different flavors from lemon to raspberry to coffee, breaking away from traditional flavours. In this search for new palates she created the Peanut Butter Loacker (Peanut Butter). With an intense peanut flavor that spreads pleasantly throughout the mouth from the first crunchy bite. The peanut paste cream, located between the wafers of the fragrant biscuit, will conquer the customer with the right balance. In the long run, it might end up being a little mushy. A product to try again, try again, try again, try again…..

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After all this nibbling, what do we drink? The news comes from Mentos with the Lemon & Mint drinka non-carbonated drink that contains gelatinous coconut pieces, so it is best to shake the can before drinking.

Once you open the can you are surrounded by a hint of lemon and mint, very pleasant. The color is reminiscent of lemonade and the flavor is pleasant, drunk fresh it is quite thirst-quenching. The gelatin cubes sliding across the palate are a bit perplexing. A surprising idea that is fresh and has a not excessively sweet flavour. A brilliant idea for Mentos candy lovers. Optimal.

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