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“SRF 3 Best Talent” March 2024 – Linda Elys collects millions and stays on the ground – Radio SRF 3

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“SRF 3 Best Talent” March 2024 – Linda Elys collects millions and stays on the ground – Radio SRF 3


Nobody can avoid her: the Schwyz musician has a radio hit with “House on Fire” and the streaming numbers are climbing hour by hour. Linda Elys impresses with personality, folky-pop songs and great self-confidence. She is our “SRF 3 Best Talent” in March.

Linda Elys is a singer and songwriter who mostly trusts her instincts in life because her gut feeling is usually right. This means that our “SRF 3 Best Talent” dreams big, but builds their career step by step. Just the way it suits you.

And: When it comes to feelings, the 22-year-old from Seewen in the canton of Schwyz rarely wears her heart on her sleeve as much as in her songs. She is a realist. Her motto: It’ll be okay.

The radio catchy tune is from her

How good is shown by their first song “House on Fire”, which you can’t avoid right now. It’s a radio hit and is played up and down. And the streaming numbers are climbing rapidly by Swiss standards, so the million mark will soon be broken.

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Legend: “Becoming ‘SRF 3 Best Talent’,” she once wrote in her diary. The wish has come true. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter is our music favorite in March 2024. Fabio Martin

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Legend: “I’m a village child, I need nature to balance me out.” Hiking, being on the slopes in winter: Linda Elys likes to be outside and recharge her batteries. Fabio Martin

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Legend: The family keeps you grounded Linda Elys, actually Elsener, grew up in what she says was a tone-deaf family. A plus: It keeps you grounded because music isn’t always the focus. Fabio Martin

The artist herself provided supplies, her EP “Maggie” will be released on March 22nd. Four of the five folk-pop tracks are already out: The tracks shed light on the personality of the optimist who likes to dance at various weddings. Telling about the trials and tribulations of life, about coming home and finding oneself.

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When there are too few hours in the day

Every now and then a cheeky saying is part of her. It’s also typical of Linda Elys that she never has enough time. The days are full, actually 24 hours are rarely enough. As a rule, she runs behind time, but is rarely late. And if so, then only for a few minutes, she says.

Another trademark: She often says the wrong thing at the wrong moment. It’s pretty direct. Can do a lot and want a lot, sometimes too much, which in turn has to do with the lack of time.

The apple falls far from the tree

Linda Elys secretly registered for “The Voice of Germany” in 2021. Was taken promptly. Only then did her family know about it. The reaction: amazement, but not necessarily astonishment. Because: Linda Elsener, as she is actually called, sang as a child at every opportunity, always and everywhere. Accordingly, the family had to endure a lot.

Where the talent comes from remains a big question mark. Nobody else in the family circle (except an aunt) has a soft spot for music, she reveals in the interview. Linda, who grows up in an idyllic town of 3,000 people, finds ways on the Internet to teach herself everything she needs to do, including how to play the guitar.

Their reputation is slowly growing through word of mouth. Smaller appearances in bars and weddings follow.

With James Blunt in front of an audience of millions

The review of “The Voice” in Germany is positive. A good two years ago, the musician stood on the big TV stage in front of an audience of millions, was highly praised by the coaches and made it into the final.

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This is “SRF 3 Best Talent”

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«SRF 3 Best Talent»honors up-and-coming musicians from Switzerland. Each month one act is in focus. Three of them will be selected by the jury at the end of the year and nominated for a “Swiss Music Award” and the sponsorship prize of 10,000 francs: the audience chooses the annual winner via online voting.

She had no thoughts of victory: “I just wanted to show myself to the world and get the audience’s attention.” She more than achieved that. It’s not just her performance with superstar James Blunt that remains fondly remembered: her unique voice and her performances resonate.

The fact that she came fourth is her trump card today. Linda Elys is clever and has been building her career on the foundation of fame in exactly the way that is right for her.

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