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Teófilo Gutiérrez finally found a team: the last club of his career will be a classic rival of Junior FC

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Teófilo Gutiérrez finally found a team: the last club of his career will be a classic rival of Junior FC

2024 will be Teófilo Gutiérrez’s last year in professional football – credit Real Cartagena

Teófilo Gutiérrez, after a long wait, managed to reach an agreement to define the club in which he will end his successful professional career. The renowned Junior de Barranquilla fan could not make his dream of retiring in the team of his loves come true, but he will do so in one of Tiburon’s classic rivals, which is experiencing a pressing situation in the second division of Colombian soccer: Real Cartagena.

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The news was announced by the city’s mayor, Dumek Turbay Paz, who has led the efforts to put together a competitive team that will allow the 11 consecutive years in the promotion tournament to end in 2024. Through his profile of

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“Everyone knows that I am a @RealCartagena fan, I dream of promotion and we work for that collective city goal. That’s why I want you to be completely sure that we will do everything possible to achieve it. Great news will come. WE MOVE FORWARD! ⚽️ 🔰🔰”, wrote Dumek Turbay.

Teófilo Gutiérrez t-shirt in Cartagena – credit X/@JOSEHUGOILLERA

In addition, the Cartagena newspaper El Universal leaked images of Teófilo Gutiérrez’s arrival in the city of Cartagena wearing the shirt that normally identifies mayoral officials. Meanwhile, Jose Hugo Illera published a photo with the shirt of the Walled City team on a table next to the number 29, which has identified the attacker born in the La Chinita neighborhood. This post was reposted by Turbay.

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“A happy ending, thank God. I thank the mayor of Cartagena, the governor of Bolívar, who wanted to have me here on his team. This is an ‘A’ team, I invite the fans to join us in the stadium. This is a great challenge for me, my family is happy too and this is a football city. Life has taught me to be challenging and to enjoy,” said Teófilo Gutiérrez in his first statements with the Real Cartagena shirt.

Furthermore, the auriverde team, in the official announcement of the new contract, honored the nickname of the player’s recent years: “THE PERFUME FLAVORS CARTAGENA. TEO IS HEROIC: The fragrance of good football is at the disposal of Professor Suárez in the year of promotion.”

The historic Colombian soccer attacker confirmed that his destiny was close to being defined and he was even already packing his suitcases. However, the financial offer from the Cartagena team arrived, which he ended up deciding on. Teo joins Cristian Marrugo, Juan Camilo Ángulo and Juanito Moreno as the most important reinforcements for 2024. Gutiérrez, despite not having a confirmed club, always showed himself training in a personalized way in the city of Barranquilla, waiting for the moment to reach a new team.

Teófilo Gutiérrez poses with the Real Cartagena shirt, his last team – credit Dumek Turbay

Teófilo Gutiérrez leaves the BetPlay League after six years. His last performance outside the country was in Rosario Central, Argentina, before returning to Junior in 2017, a team with which he has maintained a strong bond ever since. In addition to Junior, Gutiérrez has also played for Deportivo Cali, where he was champion in the second half of 2021, and Bucaramanga, highlighting his presence in Colombian soccer.

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Since his return to Junior six and a half years ago, Gutiérrez has decided to remain in Colombia, reinforcing his legacy in local soccer. His journey before returning to the country included a significant stage in Rosario Central. This period outside Colombia marked his last international experience before his consolidation in the BetPlay League. There he scored five goals and gave eight assists in 24 games played. His career was marked by controversy, due to some celebrations against rivals such as Boca Juniors and his conflictive life outside of Colombian football.

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