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The “complete version” of the drama “Fleet of Silence” is finally available. Takao Osawa “I did it without regrets” – AV Watch

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The “complete version” of the drama “Fleet of Silence” is finally available. Takao Osawa “I did it without regrets” – AV Watch

From left: Ko Maehara, Yui Natsukawa, Yosuke Eguchi, Takao Osawa, Aya Ueto, Aoi Nakamura, Takashi Sasano
(C)2024 Amazon Content Services LLC OR ITS AFFILIATES.Original work: Kaiji Kawaguchi’s “Fleet of Silence” (published in Kodansha’s “Morning”)

Prime Video began distributing the drama “Silence Fleet Season 1 ~The Great Battle of Tokyo Bay~” today (February 9th). It will consist of 8 episodes, with episodes 1 to 6 being distributed on the 9th and episodes 7 and 8 on the 16th. A commemorative streaming event was held on the 8th with the performers on stage, and the event report has arrived.

This work is based on the popular comic “Silence of Fleet” serialized in “Morning” (Kodansha) from 1988 to 1996, and is based on the live-action movie “Silence of Fleet” starring Takao Osawa. In addition to the story that can be called a “prologue,” this 8-episode “complete version” drama depicts a shocking climax that moves the stage of the battle to Tokyo Bay and engulfs not only Japan but the world.

“The Silent Fleet” Season 1 ~The Great Battle of Tokyo Bay~ Trailer video | Prime Video

The event was held at Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu and United Cinema Toyosu. Takao Osawa plays the role of Shiro Kaieda, the main character who hijacks the state-of-the-art nuclear submarine “Seabat” and starts a national rebellion, and Aya Ueto plays the role of Hiromi Ichigaya, a newscaster who sniffs out information hidden by the country and works hard to provide fair reporting. Yosuke Eguchi, who plays Wataru Kaibara, the Chief Cabinet Secretary, makes calm decisions even under tense situations.

In addition, Aoi Nakamura plays the role of Eiji Yamanaka, the vice captain of the submarine Seabat, which Kaieda is the captain of, Akira Maehara plays the role of Takuo Mizoguchi, the sonarman of the Seabat, and Takashi Sasano plays the role of Toshio Takegami, the timid and indecisive Prime Minister. , Yui Natsukawa, who plays the role of Hitomi Sonezaki, the Minister of Defense who supports the Prime Minister along with Kaibara, also rushed in, and a total of seven gorgeous actors appeared on a boat from Tokyo Bay, the stage of the intense submarine battle that unfolds in this work. .

Regarding the appearance from Tokyo Bay, which is reminiscent of the naval battle in the movie, Mr. Osawa said, “In this story, a major naval battle takes place in Tokyo Bay.It is a very intense work that I have never seen before in a drama or movie.” Mr. Ueto said with deep emotion, “It was very emotional to think that the battle took place here in Tokyo Bay.” I said to Mr. Osawa on the ship, “How about filming?” When I asked him, “Did you do that?”, he replied, “Because I was filming in a studio, not in Tokyo Bay.” (laughs) Appearing on a boat was also fun and I was excited!” On the boat He smiled at his appearance.

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From “The Silent Fleet”
(C)2024 Amazon Content Services LLC OR ITS AFFILIATES.Original work: Kaiji Kawaguchi’s “Fleet of Silence” (published in Kodansha’s “Morning”)

Regarding the distribution of the movie “Fleet of Silence,” which was released in theaters last September, as a “complete version” of the drama, including the aftermath of the story, Osawa said, “The movie was released last year, and thanks to you, I received a lot of support. It’s an interesting drama for both those who have seen the movie and those who haven’t.We’ve been working hard for several years to make this happen.Not only in Japan but also people around the world, it’s a drama that’s interesting for both those who have seen it and those who haven’t. “I’m really looking forward to it and excited because I’m completely unaware of how this work will be received, as it tackles head-on social issues and issues related to the current situation,” he says, confessing his passion for the work.

Regarding the “human drama” that is the highlight of this work, Eguchi said, “The drama depicts each person more deeply.The role of Kaieda, played by Osawa-kun, is like a demon god.What are you thinking? I’m looking forward to seeing how this character, who doesn’t know who he is, will be received around the world.”

Mr. Nakamura also said, “Captain Kaieda was a mysterious person who didn’t talk much, and had a charisma that couldn’t be expressed in words.In the complete version, you can get a glimpse of Kaieda’s hesitation and humanity with each episode, so you can understand Kaieda as a person. I think the highlight is the part that makes you want to know more.The scene where Kaieda goes ashore and talks with the Japanese government was tense and fascinated me as a viewer.” He shared his impressions.

From “The Silent Fleet”
(C)2024 Amazon Content Services LLC OR ITS AFFILIATES.Original work: Kaiji Kawaguchi’s “Fleet of Silence” (published in Kodansha’s “Morning”)

In connection with this work, where unique characters such as Kaieda lead the story in unexpected directions, Mr. Sasano was asked by the MC, “Which character or scene moved you?” “As expected, it’s Kaieda and Kaibara.I hadn’t been able to greet Mr. Osawa until we filmed the scene where Prime Minister Takegami, who I play, meets Kaieda.And when I actually met Mr. Osawa, Kaieda was just as I had imagined.” Do I have to have a meeting with this person?’ I couldn’t take my eyes off him.The tension of that day is still fresh in my eyes.I think the staff probably did this to create a sense of tension, so I’m grateful.” He looked back on the episode at the time of filming.

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Natsukawa-san and Maehara-san also said, “I’m a Kaieda guy too. When Osawa-san entered the room wearing Kaieda’s costume, I got goosebumps. There’s a sense of unknown, and even though I’m just waiting, I feel fear.It’s been a while since I filmed a movie with that kind of feeling.”, “Everyone’s scenes were wonderful.I was thinking of watching it over two days.” However, I finished all the episodes in one day. Not only the characters, but the visual expressions, including the battle scenes, were truly amazing! I was moved by the professionalism of the video team.” He revealed.

Regarding the meaning of this work being distributed worldwide, Mr. Osawa, who not only starred in it but also served as producer, said, “In the age of the internet, one work can now reach all over the world. On the other hand, as a Japanese person, we have come to a time where it is difficult for a piece of work to be recognized by the world unless we approach it with sincerity.At that time, Professor Kawaguchi gave us a work called “The Silent Fleet” from 30 years ago, and it became a world-renowned work. We have been thinking about what we can convey to the world.That idea has finally taken shape.We have carried out the project without any vague expressions or regrets.The quality is comparable to that of a movie that could be played in a theater. Everything about this work was a challenge, so I’m looking forward to its release tomorrow,” he said, expressing confidence that the work has been completed to be able to compete on a global scale.

From “The Silent Fleet”
(C)2024 Amazon Content Services LLC OR ITS AFFILIATES.Original work: Kaiji Kawaguchi’s “Fleet of Silence” (published in Kodansha’s “Morning”)

As the event progresses, the series depicts three unique leaders from various organizations such as those inside the submarine and the Japanese government: Captain Yamato Kaieda, Captain Tatsunami Fukamachi, and Chief Cabinet Secretary Kaibara. The story revolves around listening to the name’s character ask about his or her “ideal boss.”

When they all raised their answer cards all at once, the surprising results were 4 votes for Fukamachi, 2 votes for Kaibara, and only 1 vote for the main character, Kaieda.

Mr. Nakamura, who was the only one to vote for Kaieda, said, “Since Kaieda doesn’t talk much, it’s hard to know if I’ve made the right choice or not, but it’s nice to have a free relationship where we don’t stick together.” In your first or second year, you might admire a passionate boss, but by your third or fourth year, you’ll probably realize that you’d rather have a boss like Kaieda who lets you do whatever you want (lol). I think it would be nice to have someone as a boss who gives me a good sense of distance and lets me do what I want, and sometimes praises me like Kaieda does,” he said, revealing his feelings for Kaieda just like in the movie.

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A letter has arrived from Kawaguchi Kaiji, the original author of the original work “The Silent Fleet” and the creator of many blockbuster manga, to the gorgeous cast.

The letter read by Mr. Osawa said, “The biggest highlight of “The Silent Fleet,” which was released in theaters, was Kaieda’s “Yamato” declaration of independence, which was sent to the world.The highlight of the completed drama version was is a treaty negotiation between the Yamato and Japan. In preparation for the negotiations, the Yamato surfaces in Tokyo Bay. The United States tries to bury it as a nuclear terrorist. The eyes of the world are on Tokyo Bay. What kind of political decision did Japan, who was forced into a corner, make in order to protect “Yamato” and the Japanese people? This is the biggest climax of this drama, where “Yamato” moves Japan and Japan moves the world.Osawa , the cast, and the production staff, for making the scenes of the treaty negotiations so full of tension and full of reality, as well as the great impact of the fierce battle in Tokyo Bay. Thank you for your hard work.” , which described the highlights of this work and words of gratitude to the production team.

Mr. Osawa, who was struck by his thoughts, said, “I remember when I first greeted the teacher, he had a sad expression on his face, as if he was letting go of his child, whom he had cherished for 30 years.That’s when I came to see the movie version. When I received it, he came out with a big smile on his face. I am truly grateful to receive such a letter. He almost always participated as a member of our video team, so I am grateful that he always watched over me warmly. Thank you very much,” he expressed his gratitude to Professor Kawaguchi.

At the end, Mr. Osawa spoke on behalf of the cast, saying, “This work is filled with the feelings of all the cast members. “I think there is a high possibility that it will lead to a sequel. Please enjoy the broadcast starting tomorrow,” he said to the viewers, and the broadcast commemorative event came to a close.

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