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“The Conflict” is Bullitt’s new advance

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“The Conflict” is Bullitt’s new advance

“The Conflict” is the new single from the Catalan band Bullitta preview of what will be his next album titled “B Major” that will see the light next May 5th.

“The Conflict” is the new single by the Catalan band Bullitt after many years of silence. This song, together with his other advance “Fix Myself” outlines what will be the next album of twelve songs “B Major”which will go on sale on May 5th via B-Core (physical format). An album full of ultra-melodic punkrock sounds that represent the Catalan band so much.

One week after its launch, specifically on the day May 13, Bullitt will present his new album at the Altimira Festival of Cerdanyola del Vallès. They will also do it in Azavara room of Sant Feliu de Guíxols the day May 26in it Close Cyclein Espai Jove the Station of Girona he June 30th and in the room Moby Dick of Madrid he October 21.

“The Conflict” is a “most vibrant song that has the intention of filling us with the courage and bravery we need. The single was born in a dead-end riff that the band played in their rehearsals, until one day the melody was born and the rhythm and everything, little by little, made sense. The result is a most elegant cut that reminds us of that leap we made from the nineties to the 2000s”.

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