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The G7 summit closed, seven countries reached consensus on specific China-Russia policies, the distribution of new crown vaccines, and the response to climate change | China News

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On the 13th, the leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) countries concluded their summit in the United Kingdom and agreed to counter the influence of China and Russia, distribute 1 billion doses of the new crown vaccine worldwide, and speed up the fight against climate change.

The final statement of the summit stated that the seven countries will provide 1 billion doses of vaccine next year, and will cooperate with the private sector, the G20 and other countries to increase vaccine supply in the next few months.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at a press conference at the end of the summit: “I ask other leaders to help prepare and provide the necessary doses to vaccinate the world by the end of 2022,” adding that the leaders of the seven countries have pledged Provide more than 1 billion doses of vaccine through funding or COVAX mechanism.

European Council President Charles Michel said in a video message posted on Twitter, “The first priority is to ensure that we have the ability to meet the vaccine demand, where the EU takes the lead. Partners have now joined us to speed up production and worldwide Distribute vaccines.”

climate change

The focus of the work on the last day of the summit is climate, which is a major challenge for the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom will host the United Nations major climate summit “COP26” in November.

In the final statement, the leaders of the seven countries pledged to accelerate the response to climate change, set a goal of halving carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, and increase financial assistance to the poorest countries.

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Johnson said at a press conference: “We have made it clear that we must start implementing measures…and at the same time help developing countries.”

Biden speaks to reporters at the end of the summit (Reuters)

Russia and China

In terms of politics, US President Joe Biden confirmed at a press conference after the summit that the United States has returned through the G7 summit with full participation in international diplomacy. This summit has demonstrated “extraordinary cooperation and efficiency.”

Biden pointed out that the joint defense of NATO is a “sacred duty” and a “competition between democratic forces and authoritarian forces.”

Biden said that he was “very clear” about the differences with Russian President Putin, and emphasized that he does not seek a “dispute” with China.

After the summit, Biden will meet with major allies during the NATO summit in Brussels, and is expected to meet with Putin next Wednesday.

French President Emmanuel Macron emphasized at the press conference that the G7 “is not an anti-China club” but a “collection of democratic countries”, seeking to “cooperate with China on all global issues”, and retain difference.

The organization also called on China to cooperate with the World Health Organization to conduct a transparent and scientific investigation of the source of the new coronavirus in the second phase.

The organization also called on Russia to “carry out an urgent investigation into the use of chemical weapons on its territory and provide credible explanations, end the systematic suppression of civil society and independent media, and identify those who should launch chemical weapons and those who are in its territory. The person responsible for the use of ransomware to carry out cyber attacks”.

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Environmental activists demonstrate near the summit headquarters (Reuters)

Earlier on Sunday, China warned the leaders of the Group of Seven that the era when “small” groups of countries determine the world‘s destiny is long gone.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in London said: “We have always believed that countries, big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor, are equal, and global affairs should be handled through consultations between countries.

The G7 is composed of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Canada. The group supports the establishment of a “fairer” tax system, the collection of minimum corporate taxes, and joint efforts to combat tax evasion in an effort to reduce inequality.

At the summit held in the United Kingdom, the leaders of the Group of Seven countries agreed to “advocate freer and fairer trade through a reformed trading system, a more flexible global economy, and a fairer global tax system to ensure our future prosperity.” .

(Al Jazeera)

The summit ended the day after the opening. On Saturday, far from the spotlight, witnessing intensive work meetings and side events, the leaders of the Group of Seven countries spent a relaxing time in the “Carbis Bay” resort in the “Cornwall” region of southwest England.

Due to the epidemic, the leaders of the Group of Seven countries signed a joint initiative during the summit held for the first time in nearly two years. However, due to public disagreements between Europeans and Britons about Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union and the thorny issue of Northern Ireland, consensus has been compromised.

Earlier, people familiar with the matter revealed that the leaders of the Group of Seven countries plan to prevent the decline of biodiversity by 2030 and protect at least 30% of land and oceans. The UK will launch a 500 million pounds (more than 582 million euros) fund to protect Ghana and Indonesia, etc. The country’s oceans and ecosystems.

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