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The Jenin massacre and Western hypocrisy: the Criminal Court is silent and does nothing on Palestine

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The Jenin massacre and Western hypocrisy: the Criminal Court is silent and does nothing on Palestine

Visited Jenin in May 2002, a few days after the massacre carried out at the time by the Israeli government, collecting the shocking testimonies of the survivors who, among other things, told of the cold execution of some captured Palestinian soldiers. I was struck by a Palestinian child who told us that he would have liked it when he grew up be a doctor to alleviate the suffering of the wounded.

It’s been over twenty years and I don’t know if that child, who has meanwhile become an adult, if he survived the occupation and its innumerable crimes, managed to make his dream come true. Of course, even doctors and healthcare personnel in general are frequently hit by indiscriminate attacks by Israeli forces who violate many rules of international humanitarian law, as the International Criminal Court should establish, on which a curtain seems to have fallen, moreover.

In fact, the Court too unfortunately applies double standards and while it takes certainly inopportune and unilateral initiatives on the war in Ukraine, on Palestine he is silent and does nothing. Yet if there is a place on Earth where the slogan of the aggressor and the attacked makes sense, it is Palestine, where for over seventy years a people invaded, repressed, occupied and deprived of its most basic rights has been fighting , practically with bare hands, with an attacker equipped with the most lethal armaments.

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What fate for the Jenin stronghold, also abandoned by the Palestinian authority?

Palestine is therefore the symbolic place par excellence of theWestern hypocrisy, today in sharp and unstoppable decline also due to its scandalous inability to do something right, even if only by mistake. It suffices to see what the political forces (practically all except the Cinquestelle) and the media manage to say in Italy on episodes such as the new recent massacre in Jenin. The fault, as always, lies with the victims, especially if they do not resign themselves to the monstrous oppression exercised by the occupying forces which aim to permanently deprive them of any residual dignity. If they exercise the right to resistanceexpressly provided for by international legislation also in the form of armed struggle, are automatically branded as terrorists. And for “our” media and the political forces of “our” ‘anti-constitutional’ arc, from La Russa to Salvini to Picierno, only one Israeli victim is worthy of lamentations and indignation while one hundred Palestinian victims they are not even worth a sneeze.

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Certainly, as in Ukraine, peace must be the goal to aim for. And peace in Palestine, as foreseen by dozens and dozens of resolutions of the Security Council and of the General Assembly of the United Nations, all systematically violated by Israel with the support of the United States and its zealous servants, Meloni government as always in the lead , requires prior acknowledgment of the equal dignity of the two contendersa necessary premise for their peaceful coexistence according to the methods that they themselves must choose in the free exercise ofself-determination of peoplesfundamental right on which the entire international order is based.

But there is no will in this sense on the part of the declining Western nations that continue to hold on to Netanyahu and a regime that can now be defined openly as fascist, racist, religious fundamentalist and which systematically practices various international crimes starting from from that of apartheidas a complaint Amnesty International. Moreover, it is a question of a regime which, even internally, is increasingly manifesting such deteriorating and anti-juridical characteristics, as demonstrated by the growing revolt of a large part of the Jewish Israeli population itself.

The democratic movement that opposes Netanyahu and his parafascist thugs, to whom the racist and fundamentalist minister I’m Gvir would like to confer the status of legitimate armed forces by setting up its own officially recognized militia, but is called to weave a necessary alliance with the Palestinian peoplewhich would also be of great benefit in the inevitable long-term perspective of a peaceful coexistence between peoples and individuals endowed with equal dignity and equal rights, whatever their ethnicity, religion and descent.

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On the international level, the guilty inertia of the West is counterpointed by what I believe to be the beneficial initiative of the Chinese, which also on this level presents itself as the natural leader and spokesperson for a very broad array of states, representing more than four fifths of humanity, which wants to put an end to colonialism in all its forms once and for all and relaunch the right international under the banner of the doctrine of the shared future of humanity theorized by Xi Jin Ping.

The resistance of the Palestinian people, who are losing their youngest and best children every day to the forces of state terrorism of military occupation, deserves all our attention and solidarityalso because without justice for the Palestinian people we will not be able to give life to the new international order based on justice and the right to which all people of good will aspire.

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