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“The Masked Singer”: Annett Louisan is under cotton candy

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“The Masked Singer”: Annett Louisan is under cotton candy

In the ProSieben music show “The Masked Singer”, singer Annett Louisan was exposed under the mask of cotton candy. The 47-year-old was surprised “that her striking voice wasn’t recognized earlier.” For the German pop singer, in her own words, it was the most exciting thing she has ever experienced on stage.

On Saturday evening, three pairs competed against each other in the motto duel of radio hits, film hits and disco hits. The masks of the later unmasked cotton candy and the crocodile started with the radio hit duel. The pink cotton candy performed the sugary hit “Houdini” by singer Dua Lipa. The oversized fairground candy sang some parts of the song in an operatic style.

Guess team disagrees over cotton candy

The three-person guessing team disagreed: In the end, Rick Kavanian was correct with his guess. He was sure: It must be Annett Louisan. Palina Rojinski doubted her previous tip (Enie van de Meiklokjes) – and Wotan Wilke Möhring didn’t commit, but said that it had to be someone younger than Enie. The cotton candy’s duel partner, the crocodile, delighted the audience with the song “Poison” by hard rocker Alice Cooper.

The third “mystery” was Stefanie Heinzmann

In the next round of the music show, the herald of spring Elgonia (a kind of fairy), the flea, the flip-flops, the crocodile and the robodog will compete. The Robodog in particular won Rojinski’s enthusiasm because, according to the actress and presenter, it had “made a huge leap compared to last week”.

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Since the current season, there has been a new guest star in every episode who, as a mystery, shows off his singing skills on “The Masked Singer”. In the third episode on Saturday evening, the mystery of the third mask was revealed: Swiss singer Stefanie Heinzmann, who sang “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi, was hiding under the costume.

In her own words, she was incredibly happy about ProSieben’s request to “come on stage again”. She joked that she was known for her one-off performances. Heinzmann had already appeared in a Dalmatian mask in an earlier season and was thrown out at the opening show.

In the last two episodes, opera star Rolando Villazon and singer and presenter Giovanni Zarrella were exposed.

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