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The Municipal Education and Sports Bureau arranges and deploys school epidemic prevention and control work

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Recently, the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau arranged and deployed school epidemic prevention and control work, and conveyed the 16th special meeting of the provincial party committee’s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, the 17th special meeting of the city’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters and the second provincial education meeting. The system is safe and stable in the video conference spirit, and at the same time, the existing problems and deficiencies are analyzed and judged.

According to the requirements of the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, the station should be further improved. It is necessary to deeply understand the importance and urgency of epidemic prevention and control work at present and in the future, always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, and pay close attention to various measures for epidemic prevention and control. The measures are more specific. The education and sports bureaus and schools of all counties and districts should formulate local epidemic prevention and control work plans in accordance with the principle of “one place, one policy, one school, one case”, strictly implement the “daily report, zero report” of health status and travel trajectory, and accurately grasp the dynamics The health status and travel trajectories of teachers, students, employees and their co-residents fully implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures on campus. It is necessary to strengthen on-duty on-duty, and implement systems such as leaders on-the-job and on-duty personnel on duty 24 hours a day. The main responsible comrades should keep their mobile phones unblocked 24 hours a day, and in case of emergencies and major situations, they should report them in a timely manner and handle them properly. Responsibility is strengthened. The five-level responsibilities of cities, counties, schools, grades, and classes must be tightened. The Municipal Education and Sports Bureau continues to adhere to the system of subcontracting county and district bureaus and government departments to subcontracting municipal schools. The township (town, sub-district) and bureau offices should be subcontracted to schools, and each school should further strengthen grid management, make a list of responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control, assign specific tasks to people, clarify responsibilities to people, and ensure compaction Responsibility, perform duties with due diligence, and keep the bottom line of no new crown pneumonia epidemic on campus. Supervise further. It is necessary to effectively solve the problems of inadequacy, inadequacy, incompleteness, inaccuracy and ineffectiveness in the supervision and inspection, highlight key time periods, key areas, key places, key groups and key links, go deep into grass-roots schools, and point out the problems found in person in a timely manner , and issue a work order for rectification of problems, specifying the time limit for rectification. It is necessary to hold special supervision meetings on a regular basis, strengthen supervision and accountability, and strengthen the implementation of problem rectification. Teaching arrangements are more scientific. It is necessary to comprehensively study and judge the changes in the epidemic situation in a timely manner, to ensure that online teaching can be started at any time, and online and offline can be switched at any time, so as to ensure that classes are suspended without teaching, and classes without learning. Humanistic care is warmer. It is necessary to strengthen the guidance of public opinion, continue to carry out a series of publicity and education activities, take a good ideological and political course on epidemic prevention and control, and guide the majority of teachers and students to firmly establish a sense of social responsibility, cultivate family and country feelings, and strengthen their sense of responsibility. It is necessary to regularly publicize and interpret epidemic prevention policies, strictly review information release, and guide teachers, students and employees to understand epidemic prevention information through official channels, and do not believe, spread or spread rumors. It is necessary to strengthen the psychological counseling of students, relieve their psychological pressure, and resolve their negative emotions in a timely manner. It is necessary to effectively improve the level of logistics service support, properly solve the practical difficulties of teachers and students in study, work and life, and ensure the safety and stability of the campus.

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