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The reason? Canada limits the entry of foreign students for two years

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The reason?  Canada limits the entry of foreign students for two years

Canada Places Limit on International Student Permits to Address Housing Crisis

Canada announced on Monday that it will be placing a limit on permits for international students for the next two years in an effort to address the country’s housing crisis. The decision comes after a significant increase in income has exacerbated the housing situation, according to the government.

Immigration Minister Marc Miller stated, “To ensure that there is no further increase in the number of international students in Canada in 2024, we will set a national cap on applications (to enter the country for studies) for a period of two years.”

In 2024, Canada plans to issue 364,000 permits for international students, which is 35% less than in 2023.

The government of Justin Trudeau clarified that this measure does not apply to international students already enrolled in Canadian universities. However, they are working with the provinces, responsible for the educational system, to implement the new limit.

It is estimated that more than one million foreign students are currently in Canada, and their “rapid” increase has put pressure on housing, healthcare, and other services in some provinces. The lack of diversity in terms of the countries of origin of the students has also been noted as a concern.

Canada, with a population exceeding 40 million people, is currently facing a housing crisis in all regions of the country. This move to limit international student permits is an attempt to ease the strain on the housing market and public services.

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