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The Search are back with “Los Mineros”

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The Search are back with “Los Mineros”

After two decades since their last album “The penitents” (04), The search returns with a new job called “Light, Sand and Cry”. This new album scheduled for spring 2024 is presented with a preview song called “Los Mineros”. The mysterious whistles with which the LP opens with this song indicate that the story told is going to be sinuous, fragmented and captivating.

John Castellswriter and friend of the band, has commented on this single that “All of it [está] treated with a production with cinematographic overtones, and which in its interpretation evokes those caravans of gypsy wagons, where the one who carries the compass is a goblin that the music of The search knows how to make people sing, sound and dance like no one else.” In addition, he adds that through the new work, the group “gives us hope in the necessary counterrevolution and reminds us that epic, courage and love are always possible, essential and vital”.

The searchwho debuted in 1988 with their first self-titled album, went on to release five studio LPs, among which, apart from those mentioned, also include “Wheel of fortune” (DRO, 92), “Psycholatin” (Blue/Discmedi, 96) and “The things that are not seen” (Isladencanta Records, 02). Together they managed to create a bunch of anthemic songs that established them in Spain and France with that mix of Hispanic-rooted rock and poetry and inspired echoes of soundtracks in epic Technicolor. A sound that we would later find in bands like Tindersticks or Caléxico.

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