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The United States said that Hamas’ demands make it impossible to reach a ceasefire agreement

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The United States said that Hamas’ demands make it impossible to reach a ceasefire agreement

US State Department: Certain Hamas Demands Pose Obstacles to Peace Agreement

In the midst of diplomatic efforts to achieve a peace agreement in the Gaza Strip, the United States has recognized that certain Hamas demands are posing serious obstacles to moving towards a pact with Israel. Matthew Miller, spokesman for the US State Department, stated at a press conference that Hamas’s demand to limit Israel’s sovereignty on the Temple Mount is an “obvious impossibility.” This was one of the many demands that the Palestinian terrorist group formulated in response to a proposed agreement on the hostages prepared by Qatar, Egypt and the United States, the main mediators in the conflict.

US President Joe Biden previously stated that some of Hamas’ demands were “exaggerated,” but did not delve into the content of the terrorist group’s response. Miller is the first American official to specify Washington’s position regarding Hamas’ response. He emphasized that the status of Al-Aqsa is not going to be resolved in a hostage negotiation.

The US also confirmed that it has made it clear to the Israeli government that the Kerem Shalom border crossing must remain open to guarantee the delivery of aid to Gaza.

Despite Hamas’ “exaggerated” demands, the State Department spokesperson affirmed that the United States still sees an agreement possible for the release of the hostages kidnapped in Gaza. He promised that the Biden administration will continue working to “close a pact that not only guarantees the release of the hostages but also allows a pause (in the fighting) that facilitates the delivery of humanitarian aid and alleviates suffering in Gaza.”

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Negotiations between the delegations of Qatar, Egypt, and the United States continued in Cairo on Wednesday to advance a truce in Gaza. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Office reported that only a change in Hamas’s demands will allow negotiations to move forward.

At the same time, Israeli press reported that Netanyahu ordered his delegation not to return to negotiations unless Hamas gives in on its demands, and that he said the war will continue until “total victory” over Hamas and the return of all hostages is achieved.

The terrorist group, meanwhile, has maintained that it will not release the captives until Israel ends the military escalation, withdraws from Gaza, and releases a large number of Palestinian prisoners.

Representatives of the relatives of those kidnapped announced protests in front of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, considering the lack of Israeli cooperation as a “death sentence” for their loved ones. The wide gap between the conditions presented by the parties leaves the path to a peace agreement uncertain as violence continues in the Gaza Strip and on the Israeli border with Lebanon.

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