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The white woman and the hermit. – Japan world

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The white woman and the hermit.  – Japan world

If a young woman alone in the world is sold to a group of traffickers, her future is sealed. Instead, Ren has a chance to grab when an assassin exterminates her kidnappers. Her name is Tesshu, he too is alone and ready to grab any opportunity: the sale of Ren will earn him the money needed to leave the street life behind.

But Ren does not give up, and will resort to intelligence, seduction and ancestral knowledge, to build a new destiny for both.

The author: Writer passionate about history, religions, esotericism, pharmacopoeia, Syrian Jungle it is a shadow, and will continue to be.

Delos Digital publisher, Romantic Passion series edited by Ada Capobianco
77 pages – Price: € 2.99 (ebook version: epub, mobi)

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