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Thingnes Bø with a tribute on Valentine’s Day: – Most sexy

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Thingnes Bø with a tribute on Valentine’s Day: – Most sexy

Johannes Thingnes Bø (30) won his 19th WC gold in a superior manner when he won the normal distance in Nove Mesto. In the place behind came older brother Tarjei Bø (35).

SUPPORT: Johannes Thingnes Bø and Hedda Dæhli Bø at Gardermoen when the Norwegian Olympic team returned to Norway from Beijing in 2022. Photo: Naina Helén Jåma / VG

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Published: 14.02.2024 18:28 | Updated: 14/02/2024 20:59

Thingnes Bø took his ninth individual WC gold. And when he was asked who he wanted to credit the victory to on Valentine’s Day, there was a long tribute to his wife Hedda Dæhli Bø.

– I have to say hello to Hedda at home. Fits two children. Fantastic mom, the world‘s best wife, the nicest wife, the sexiest wife. She is absolutely perfect, quite simply. This is a victory I can share with her. Without her it would never have happened. That is perhaps where the tip of the scales lies, says Thingnes Bø to TV 2.

NEW GOLD: Johannes Thingnes Bø went for another WC gold. Photo: PETTER ARVIDSON / BILDBYRÅN

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With starting number 9, there were many of the competitors who came behind him in the track. But it was still clear that there was no one who could match the Norwegian. The nearest competitor was older brother Tarjei Bø, who came 58 seconds behind.

– It is fantastic. Everyone wants to win a medal. He was close at the sprint and chase start. To win a medal you have to be one of those who shoot 19/20 and at the same time ski fast. If I had missed one more, he would have become world champion, says the gold winner to VG.

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It is the third championship in a row that Bø has stood together on the podium twice.

– It is the strongest feeling. We are probably the world‘s best biathlon brothers, says Johannes Thingnes Bø.

Now he is only one gold away from equaling Bjørndalen’s record of 20 WC golds. In this year’s WC, the pair relay remains on Thursday and the relay and joint start at the weekend.

– I think it will be quite good for the Bø boy, says Bjørndalen about his record being broken.

SATISFIED: Tarjei Bø was clearly satisfied with the race after reaching the finish line.

1 of 2 Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

But Thingnes Bø had a bit of a rough start to the race when he missed the last shot in the first shooting.

– It looks like he might pull off the shot too early, says biathlon expert on TV 2, Ole Einar Bjørndalen.

But Thingnes Bø is lightning fast in the track and when he also shot full in the next two shootings he was on target to take his ninth individual gold.

– I don’t think there are many people who can stop him with 19 hits, said Petter Northug on TV 2’s broadcast.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

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And Northug was right, because the World Cup leader was ice cold on the last shoot and made sure to get all the flashes down.

– He has been in raw form in this championship, says Northug.

Tarjei Bø has also improved his form for the WC. He managed with one failure and moved into a clear 2nd place, barely a minute ahead of German Benedikt Doll.

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– It is biathlon at its best and worst. You should only know what it’s like to stand there and shoot at the last shooting, says Bø to TV 2.

PS! Johannes Thingnes Bø gets another chance at gold in Thursday’s pairs relay. He goes together with Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold.

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