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This serves the “Farm celebrity” participants

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This serves the “Farm celebrity” participants

“Farm celebrity” is well underway with its eighth season. This is the first season where Dorthe Skappel (61) leads the programme.

This year’s season was recorded at Li farm in Stange municipality.

On 18 February, the winner of this year’s season will be announced. The prize is a car of your choice from Fleks for a year to a value of up to NOK 156,000, and a gift card for craft services, provided by Norgeshus, to a value of NOK 350,000.

In December, the tax lists for 2022 were published. TV 2 has previously discussed what participants in the popular programs had in terms of wealth and income. This case gives you an overview of the income and wealth of the participants in “Farmen celebrity” and “Torpet celebrity”, as well as challengers and presenter.

NB: The figures in the tax lists can be misleading for various reasons, read more about this here.

The sisters at the top

At the income peak, there is female dominance.

Comedian and family therapist Dora Thorhallsdottir (51) reigns supreme with an income of over NOK 2.6 million. Closely followed by influencer Kristin Gjelsvik (37) with nearly NOK 2.3 million and the former’s little sister, artist Björg Thorhallsdottir (49), with an income of approximately NOK 2 million.

Dora Thorhallsdottir was born in Iceland, but grew up in Lommedalen in Bærum. She started with stand-up in 2000, and in subsequent years she has been awarded a number of nominations and awards. She is also a podcast host with Kjersti Idem in “Relasjonspodden”.

HIGH INCOME: Dora Thorhallsdottir earns the most of all the participants in this year’s season. Little sister Björg Thorhallsdottir earns the third most. Photo: Anton Soggiu / TV 2

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Comedian and musician Egil Andreas Skurdal (29) has an income of approximately NOK 1.5 million, and has the highest income of the men.

Browse the drop-down menu on the right to see the complete overview of the participants’ income, wealth and tax here:


High up on the income list is presenter Dorthe Skappel with an income of nearly NOK 1.2 million.

Skappel was the presenter of “Good evening Norway” for 25 years, and has recently had great success with the knitting brand “Skappel”.

FROM PARTICIPANT TO PROGRAM PRESIDENT: Dorthe Skappel participated as a participant in “Farmen kjendis” in 2022. Now she is the presenter for the eighth season. Photo: Anton Soggiu / TV 2

The presenter has previously told TV 2 about an adult who can recall the simple everyday life on the “Farmen kjendis” farm. With her “bohemian” background and her own “Farmen kendis” participation in 2022, she feels that she can relate to life on the farm, which is characterized by long days and heavy lifting.

High fortune

In addition to the above participants, as well as Skappel, there is also comedian Anne-Kat. Hærland (51) income of over one million.

Furthermore, editor Vebjørn Selbekk (54), influencer Aleksander Sæterstøl (28), athlete Cato Zahl Pedersen (65), TV personality Mayoo Indiran (33) and influencers Emma Ellingsen (22) and Emilie Nereng (28) are listed with an income of approximately NOK 950,000 to 650,000.

At the bottom of the income list is snowboarder Daniel Franck (49) with an income of NOK 45,000.

On the other hand, he is the participant who clearly has the highest fortune of NOK 15,410,162 million.

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WITHDRAWN: Daniel Franck chose to withdraw “Farmen kendis”. Photo: Anton Soggiu / TV 2

Franck was the first Norwegian snowboarder to win the prestigious X-Games. In Snow Summit in California, he took gold in slope style, and silver in half pipe. From 2004 he has worked as an artist.

In 2012, he married actress Ulrikke Hansen Døvigen (52).

«The farm celebrity» is broadcast on TV 2 Direkte Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, and is available on TV 2 Play.

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