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Tuchel criticism is getting bigger and bigger – Bayern are already dealing with Hansi Flick

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Tuchel criticism is getting bigger and bigger – Bayern are already dealing with Hansi Flick

Update, 2:50 p.m.: FC Bayern is probably already dealing with Hansi Flick. After Munich’s defeat in Rome, coach Thomas Tuchel is becoming increasingly controversial. Opposite the „Bild“newspaper, TV expert Lothar Matthäus explains: “I’m always amazed at how you can gloss over games like this. We’re talking about FC Bayern, world-class players. I follow Italian football. Lazio is nothing more than mediocre.”

He continues: “The psychology is not right. Not just in the game against Lazio. Also in Leverkusen, against Bremen or Union Berlin, in Augsburg. The players don’t have a clear head. Maybe they become overloaded with ideas. The players are used to pressure to succeed.”

Matthäus explains: “The team has no self-confidence, no conviction. The coaching team – especially Thomas Tuchel – is responsible not only for the physical but also for the psychological situation in a team. You have to reach the heads. The question is: can he catch the players?”

Then Matthäus explains the big difference between Tuchel and Flick: “Hansi Flick is always a name at Bayern, we know his success story, he is free at the moment. I’m not saying he’s a better coach. But Hansi has something that Tuchel perhaps doesn’t have. In any case, he always managed to strengthen his players and instill great self-confidence in them.”

Bayern are probably already considering Flick as Tuchel’s successor

Update, February 15, 2023, 9:30 a.m.: The discussion about Thomas Tuchel’s job is increasing, at least in the media. With the 0-1 defeat at Lazio Rome, Bayern lost their second competitive game in a row. There was already a 3-0 defeat in the top Bundesliga game at Bayer Leverkusen.

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But what happens next with Tuchel? Club boss Jan-Christian Dreesen did not comment on the coaching issue. According to information from “Sport Bild”, Hansi Flick is already an issue with the Munich team. The ex-national coach was already employed by Bayern from November 2019 to July 2021. Flick is now said to be being advised by Pini Zahavi, who also works with Robert Lewandowski.

But according to information from „Bild“According to the newspaper, Tuchel will be sitting in the Munich dugout at least on Sunday in the Bundesliga in Bochum. However, if there is no win there or even the third defeat in a row, things will probably be tight for the Bayern coach.

The statements from Tuchel and his friend sound like those of a relegation candidate

“I don’t know why, but we had a drastic drop in performance in the second half.”

“It’s our turn. The key definitely hasn’t been found yet.”

“Our goal is to fight our way out of this together. We’re all in the same boat.”

They are statements of helplessness. Statements that are otherwise known from relegation candidates. But these statements come from Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel and FCB sports director Christoph Freund. These are statements that have not been heard at FC Bayern Munich for a long time. Maybe even never.

“We work every day to knock the buck down.”

They are statements that summarize the current state of mind of the club. The 1-0 defeat in Rome four days after the bitter 3-0 defeat in the Bundesliga in Leverkusen is an expression of what has been brewing for weeks. Bayern have lost their self-image.

Thomas Müller said after the Champions League round of 16 first leg in Rome: “The sporting situation is currently anything but what FC Bayern imagines. Nevertheless, we work every day to overturn the buck – us players and the coach.”

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Tuchel rudely brushes off questions about his job

A coach who TV experts called “thin-skinned” weeks ago and who also showed this at the press conference on Wednesday evening. Tuchel was asked whether he was worried about his job. The FCB coach brushed off the question with a clear “no”. Tuchel was asked again whether he believed he was still the right coach for this team. “I would like to talk about the game.”

Asked again about concerns about his job. Tuchel made it clear: “I answered no!” It was of course his responsibility to get the team to do their job better, said Tuchel. What he doesn’t say: How he wants to do it.

Sports director Freund says: “Of course he (Tuchel) is struggling with the situation, which is difficult for all of us.” Followed by the statement that they want to fight their way out of it together.

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