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What he said and what he didn’t say

Interview by Francesco Capo for “L’Identitario” with the undersigned FG, Gigi Lista, editor of “Identitario”, Mauro Belardi, Russianist.

Thanks to the most popular and alternative American journalist and presenter, not at all kicked out by CNN, of the fake left with fangs, and by Fox, of the Trumpist right, we listened to a thinking man, as nature would have him be and not a puppeteer, neither a puppet, nor a prostitute, nor a pimp, nor a ragpicker, nor a dealer with a bayonet between his teeth. New and rewarding experience.

When the false, lying and sold media tell you that the war in Ukraine began on February 22, 2022, with the entry of the Russians into Ukraine, like me, from Floris, asserted Pierluigi Bersani, and not in February 2014, blow of the US-Nazi State and the attack on Donbass, as I replied to him, cultivate the deception of the entire strategy of terrorist imperialism. They remove the context and destroy the memory that keeps it standing,

Vladimir Putin’s long historical excursus in Tucker Carlson’s interview demonstrating the historical Russianness of Ukraine and the maneuvers of external actors – Poles, Habsburgs, Germans – to eliminate it, aroused the laughter and sarcasm of the idiotic-criminal political system -media. Instead, as he remarked to the impatient Carlson, it was about having a serious conversation, rather than the usual talk show. “Serious discourse” that reevaluates memory to build context. Context without which we wander in the mists of mystifications and exploitations ad usum delphini. As Bersani did and as all prestitutes do.

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Putin has said a lot and kept something quiet. I advise anyone who hasn’t done it yet and wants to get a correct idea of ​​the world we live in, to go and listen to it. He will be impressed and convinced by the story of Putin’s repeated, even desperate, attempts to open a dialogue and avoid the ongoing massacre with a reasonable agreement, based on what the US presidents had guaranteed Russia: no expansion of NATO beyond Germany . In exchange, Moscow had agreed to the reunification of Germany. Agreement betrayed with coup d’état, aggression against the Russian population resisting fascism, Nazification of Ukraine and enemy missiles 5 minutes’ flight from the Kremlin.

Putin’s offer, immediately rudely scuttled by the Anglo-Americans and their stooge Stoltenberg: neutrality of Ukraine without NATO and constructive and collaborative relations with both the European Union and Russia, autonomy for the ethnic and Russian-speaking regions. What would this solution have entailed, available both in Minsk and in Istanbul just a month after the start of the war? The safeguarding of peace and the end of the suicidal race for rearmament, the nuclear risk, of a constant geopolitical fibrillation in military, economic terms, of psychological tension, and a relaxation of the opposition between blocs dating back to the post-war period. Finally and above all, for the global good, the saving of a crazy expense which leads to the impoverishment of large masses throughout the world,

What Putin said, in a full two hours of questions and answers, concerns, in my opinion, a very delicate condition within Russia: the balance that this man had to painstakingly have to build to maintain cohesion in a state that emerged dented from the end of the USSR and the murky maneuvers of Gorbachev and Yeltsin. When Carlson asked him who blew up the Nordstream pipeline and is the force determining US policy towards Russia, including the tearing of the Euro-Russian relationship, the answer was evasive and monosyllabic: the CIA.

I think that if Putin’s intelligence did not want to unfold, indicating in the puppeteers of the USA and Western regimes the dominant couple of the military-industrial and financial apparatus (the latter with absolute Jewish hegemony), it is for reasons of internal balance. Over the years, these have seen a progressive rebalancing between economic powers, called “oligarchs” by us, and political authority, to the advantage of the latter. We are not at a definitive neutralization of the conditioning power of the oligarchs. But there are many economic powers whose nails Putin has been able to cut.

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It could be, in some way, the physiological relationship between global financial entities that slows down destructive excesses in one direction or another and, in the immediate future, blocks the proposed freezing of substantial Russian assets at risk of confiscation in Western coffers.

We can also understand, in this light, the remarkable tolerance that a country militarily engaged in the defense of Syria, attacked by the USA, Israel and their jihadist mercenary, continues to show with respect to the Zionist state which, every day, too, bombs Syria.

A second silence, difficult to understand in the imminence of a life-threatening outcome and the enormous symbolic value of the case, is that of Julian Assange, who is about to be extradited to the USA. Maybe an oversight. To be understood in a man who has the salvation of humanity on his shoulders

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