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Udinese-Roma / Balzaretti: “Ndicka is fine, yesterday was surreal…”

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Udinese-Roma / Balzaretti: “Ndicka is fine, yesterday was surreal…”

A few hours after the clash between Roma and Udinese, the head of the technical area Balzaretti had his say. Here are his statements

Precisely in these moments on Radio Serie A, the director of the technical area took stock of Ndicka’s conditions and what happened yesterday Federico Balzaretti. Here are all his words on what happened during the match between Udinese and Roma.

“The boy is fine, what I know is what I read from the updates published, the club itself will provide more information. The news is positive compared to yesterday’s scare and this gives us hope. It seems that the worst is over, but let’s wait official communications from Roma. Our defender Kamara was with him until late last night and he let us know that Evan was calmer.” He then went on to explain in detail what happened yesterday: “When you are in the stadium it is normal to sing and shout, but as soon as one of the rescuers asked the public to be quiet so he could hear the heartbeat, there were thirty seconds of silence which they were surreal. Our fans proved to be exceptional and grasping the importance of the moment“. A small opinion also regarding recovery: “Recovery will be decided after Thursday’s Europa League match, we are available.”

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