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Ukraine, latest news. China: never provided material support to Russia

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Ukraine, latest news.  China: never provided material support to Russia


Draghi, Macron and Scholz are ready to go together to Kiev to meet Zelensky before the G7 summit scheduled for June 26, according to the German press. Yesterday in Kiev the surprise visit of Von der Leyen: Ukraine is on the right path to join the EU. Zelensky criticizes “skeptical” countries: keeping Kiev out goes against the EU itself

Ukraine, Zelensky: “We are at the decisive moment, we await the EU’s yes”
  • China: never provided material support to Russia

    China has never provided any material support to Russia in the war against Ukraine: Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, speaking at the security summit of the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, said that Beijing has supported the peace talks and opposed the supply of weapons, showing full skepticism about the effectiveness of the sanctions. “What is the main cause of the crisis? Who is the mastermind of it all? Who loses the most? And who can earn the most? Who is promoting peace and who is adding fuel to the fire? I think we all know the answers, ”he continued without articulating the Chinese position.

  • US defense: Russia takes control of Luhansk in a few weeks

    Russia is likely to acquire control of the entire Luhansk region of Ukraine within a few weeks. This was stated by an American defense official, quoted by the Washington Post. The cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk are already under great pressure and could fall under the weight of Russian forces in a week, reports the US official that Russia’s progress is coming at a heavy cost to its army in terms of deaths and wounded.

  • Zelensky: We are liberating the Kherson region

    “Ukrainian troops are gradually liberating the territory of the Kherson region,” said President Volodymyr Zelensky. Yesterday “the village of Tavriis’ke was added to the list of settlements returned to our state – says Zelensky in his latest video message -. And there is some progress also in the Zaporizhzhia region ”. The Ukrainian president then comments on the distribution of Russian passports in Kherson and Melitopol. “It has been shown that the residents presumably want Russian passports. Well, it didn’t look like queues to get a passport, but an attempt to get a ticket to escape, ”says Zelensky.

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