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UN medical supplies looted in Haiti

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UN medical supplies looted in Haiti

A container carrying essential items for newborns and their mothers was looted in Port-au-Prince, Haiti over the weekend, as gang violence and a humanitarian crisis continue to escalate. The container, which also contained early childhood development and education supplies, was looted by armed groups that took control of more than 260 containers of humanitarian property at the port. UNICEF representatives in Haiti expressed concern over the theft, stating that the supplies are crucial to saving children’s lives and are desperately needed in the midst of a collapsed health system.

The deteriorating situation in Haiti has further strained its already fragile health system, with three out of four women and children in the Port-au-Prince area lacking access to basic health and nutrition services. Hospitals are struggling to operate due to shortages of electricity, fuel, and medical supplies. The violence has also resulted in recent clashes between police and armed gangs, with several deaths reported during a police operation targeting a notorious gang leader.

Amidst the chaos, the UN has launched an airlift to deliver critical medical supplies and rotate humanitarian workers in and out of the country. However, access to essential resources remains a challenge, with roads blocked by gangs and limited options for transportation. With the situation rapidly deteriorating, the UNICEF representative in Haiti warned that without an end to the violence and the reopening of critical logistics routes, the health crisis in Haiti will worsen significantly, leading to a potential humanitarian catastrophe.

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