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– Very humble – E24

Former Petter Stordalen partner Magnus Rønningen (44) sold the apartment to the neighbor he had an argument with.

The neighbor dispute in this listed Swiss villa has received a lot of media attention. Photo: Photographer Ørnelund ASPublished: Published:

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Former publishing owner and Petter Stordalen partner Magnus Rønningen (44) bought the apartment that forms the first floor of the magnificent Swiss villa at Frogner for NOK 24 million in 2021.

After ending up in an irreconcilable neighbor conflict with Rune Mørck Wergeland, who lives upstairs, Rønningen put the apartment up for sale with an asking price of NOK 34 million.

Now Wergeland confirms that he has taken the plunge and bought the first floor.

– This is an absolutely fantastic house that needs to be taken care of. I am very humbled by it and have been for 18 years. I look forward to living here further, says Wergeland to E24.

E24 is not aware of what the apartment eventually went for.

E24 has repeatedly tried to get in touch with Magnus Rønningen this week, who has not responded to the inquiries.

Estate agent Alexander Sandass of PrivatMegleren Dyve & Partnere, who was behind the sale, writes in a text message that he cannot comment on the sale, and that he is subject to a duty of confidentiality.

Rune Mørch Wergeland has now bought the first floor of the villa at Frogner. Photo: WergelandApeland

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Inflamed strife

After Rønningen converted a living space into two bedrooms and a bathroom, the neighborhood with Rune Mørck Wergeland ended in conflict.

Wergeland has lived on the second floor of the listed Swiss villa for the past 18 years.

The development is said to have been done without the board’s blessing – a board which consists of neighboring Wergeland and Rønningen itself.

Wergeland demanded the return of the shed area, while Rønningen pointed out that all measures have been approved by both the Planning and Building Agency and the City Antiquities.

Wergeland says he is glad that the conflict is finally over, but he is not sure what to do with the living space that the two former neighbors argued about.

– I have to get used to that, he says to E24.

Estimated loss

Rønningen estimates that the renovation of the apartment has cost him NOK 15 million, and that he was liable to make a loss if it went to the asking price.

– If you buy for 24 million and renovate for 15 million, then the total cost comes to 39 million. Now the home has been put up for sale with an asking price of 34 million, so then you can do the math yourself, Rønningen told E24 before the sale was completed.

Neither Rønningen, Wergeland nor the broker has commented on the sale price to E24.

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