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Victoria Beckham is 50: Spice Girl, fashion icon, gamer’s wife

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Victoria Beckham is 50: Spice Girl, fashion icon, gamer’s wife

Victoria Beckham says in the Netflix series that bears her last name that she comes from a real working-class family.

Then husband David pokes his head in the door: “Be honest!” – “I’m honest,” Victoria replies. To then reveal the answer her husband was after. The scene became an internet meme. On April 17th, the singer, designer, entrepreneur, mother of four and probably the most famous gamer in the world turns 50.

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She has long since left her old Spice Girl name “Posh Spice” behind – or, as some observers believe, filled it with life. The fact that she smiled briefly in the scene from the Netflix series described above seemed worth mentioning afterwards. Because you hardly ever see Beckham smiling in public. It’s a kind of trademark that has remained from her time with the successful girl group (“Wannabe”) – people who are “posh” usually look serious. In English, the word means something like posh and gives off an impression of vanity.

Victoria Adams, as she was called back then, didn’t choose the nickname herself when she founded the band almost exactly 30 years ago. “I can’t say it was my first choice, but I ended up growing into it on my own terms,” ​​she wrote on Instagram a few years ago. “I was young and shy, and being ‘posh’ helped me find my style, my confidence and my voice.” On the other hand, this also led to her being considered not only the most mysterious member, but perhaps also the least popular.

Beckham enjoyed huge success with the Spice Girls. The relationship between her and the four other singers, which was said to have been strained at times, has now relaxed again. The Spice Girls are in constant contact in a Whatsapp group, said Melanie Chisholm, who became known as “Mel C,” last year.

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Few people remember Victoria Beckham as a singer. With her solo career after the Spice Girls split, she had far less success than her colleagues. But “Posh” took off in celebrity circles – also because of her relationship with David Beckham. Victoria met the star kicker with the gifted right foot at a soccer game in 1997. The glamor couple married in 1999 – also to the great delight of the British tabloid media, who finally had a new target two years after Princess Diana’s death. Son Brooklyn was born in the same year. The Beckhams now have three more children: Romeo and Cruz and daughter Harper Seven (after the footballer’s shirt number, Seven). The family, which also includes Brooklyn’s wife Nicola Peltz, always appears familiar and happy on social media, in their Netflix series or in public appearances. Victoria and David regularly profess their love on Instagram.

Living together wasn’t always easy, as Victoria explains in the Netflix series, and looking after the children stuck with her. The time in Spain, when David played for the mega club Real Madrid, was particularly challenging. “I’ve never been so unhappy in my entire life,” she says of the phase in which headlines about her husband’s alleged affair made the rounds and paparazzi photographed his every move. “It was an absolute circus – and everyone loves it when the circus comes to town, right? Unless you’re in the middle of it yourself.” This time, too, the couple did not say whether the rumors were true.

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Victoria reports that David missed the birth of son Cruz in 2005 to take part in a photo shoot with Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez and singer Beyoncé. A newspaper headline at the time said: “What would Posh say?” At Netflix, Victoria emphasized: “Posh was pissed off.” (Original: “Posh was pissed off!”). But to the outside world, Beckham always appeared to be David’s close companion and a cool mom, with sunglasses and perfectly dressed, a fashion icon for many. Back in 2006, during the World Cup in Germany, Victoria, who was often photographed shopping, was named the “mother of all players’ wives”.

Now that almost all of the children are grown, she is emerging even more as an entrepreneur. Quite successful. In 2022, the sales of her luxury fashion company increased to 58.8 million pounds (68.6 million euros). Together with her husband, who remains in the spotlight as the owner of Messi’s club Inter Miami, she earned more than 130 million pounds. The amount could continue to rise: The four-part Netflix series was produced by David Beckham’s company Studio 99.

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The scene that became a meme is still missing a resolution. “Be honest,” David warned when Victoria pointed out her origins and asked: “What car did your father drive you to school in?” After asking several times, the answer comes: “Ok, in the 80s my father had a Rolls Royce.” Maybe the nickname “Posh” wasn’t a coincidence after all.

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