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Vikersund is cancelled

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Vikersund is cancelled

It was windy in Vikersund on Saturday. Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB

There will be no ski flying on the Vikersund hill on Saturday.

Saturday 16 March at 16:55

– We had 30 meters per second in the throws. It became more and more clear that there were no opportunities today, says FIS’ head of jumping Sandro Pertile to NRK.

The storm caused trouble for Saturday’s Raw Air race in Vikersund. The men’s race was originally supposed to have started at 16.00, but was postponed, first to 16.30, then to 17.00. Then came the message that the race had been cancelled.

Earlier Saturday, the women’s race was cancelled. They should have been the first ever women’s ski flying world cup. This has now been moved to Sunday, as sunshine and less wind are reported in Vikersund.

– We had hoped that we could have completed one round, but the wind is not stable enough, and the safety of the jumpers is most important, says leader of the organizing committee Håvard Orsteen to NRK.

The plan is for the women to start jumping as early as nine o’clock on Sunday morning. The men are scheduled to go out at 11.00 and 15.30.

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