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Vinko Marinović Srđan Grahovac before the BiH Cup FK Borac Zvijezda 09 | Sport

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Vinko Marinović Srđan Grahovac before the BiH Cup FK Borac Zvijezda 09 |  Sport

Vinko Marinović and Srđan Grahovac, coach and captain of Borca, announced the first competitive game of the spring season on Friday.

Source: Mondo – Nebojša Šatara

The winter break for Borac from Banja Luka is over!

After less than two months, the red and blue team will play the first competitive game in the spring part of the season on Sunday, within the round of 16 of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup.

Banja Luka’s opponent on Sunday from 18:30 at the City Stadium will be Zvijezda 09.

“After a little less than two months, the season continues. I think that through the preparations in Antalya we did everything we planned, played five games, and on this occasion I have to praise the players for their attitude and for what they did very well. On the other hand side, we tried to upgrade some things regarding our game and it looked good. In any case, I expect the season to continue with a lot of optimism.” said the coach of Borca Vinko Marinović.

According to him, the team from Sember is certainly better in terms of quality than the last place in the Premier League table of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it will not be easy for Borto to win a place in the next competition.

“With this match against Zvijezda 09, which certainly has quality, although its score does not reflect that, although they have shown quality especially in the last matches. Regardless of the preparatory matches in which we looked good, this is still a competitive match, so it will not be easy. Whenever the season starts there is a difficulty, but I’m sure the players will overcome it on Sunday in the game. I believe we will play a good game and of course win a place in the next round of the competition. We want to continue the streak we had last fall and after this match, let’s turn to the obligations in the championship”, added the head coach of the Banja Luka team.

Marinović pointed out that only David Čavić will not be in the competition due to an injury, but also clarified a small doubt about the cancellation of the match against Polish Podbeskidze in Antalya.

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“We had a total of 22, 23 players, so we canceled that match because we were afraid of some injuries”.

Source: Mondo – Nebojša Šatara

Captain Borca Srdjan Grahovac he pointed out that the whole team can’t wait for the first competitive game.

“Finally the end of the preparations, although the break was one of the shorter ones. We start in the BiH Cup, after the preparations where we had all the conditions, even the weather served us. The atmosphere in the team is excellent, as before. The boss said that we worked well , we played a lot of games, which will mean a lot to us when we have a more condensed schedule. We looked pretty good and I believe we improved our game compared to the fall. There were defeats, which are welcome for this stage of preparation to see what we need to work on, which we did in the last matches. The preparations are such that we have the luxury of learning more from a weaker result than from victories.” said Grahovac and added that Borac is ready for the continuation of the season, although he admitted that he expects a difficult game against Zvijezda 09.

“They have proven to be a good opponent so far, they played a good game against us in Banja Luka, and we also worked hard to win in Ugljevik. On the other hand, the first is a competitive game, which always carries specifics for the team, and the cup competition itself is like that – in 90 minutes everything is possible, so we have to be maximally focused, to play our game and eventually reach the quarter-finals”emphasized the captain of the red and blue team.

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