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Waor and Midas Alonso meet again in “Extrarradio”

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Waor and Midas Alonso meet again in “Extrarradio”

The iconic series of collaborations on unreleased songs by Natos and Waor adds the collaboration of two emblematic MC’s who have known each other for many years. Waor and Midas Alonso They used to meet in competitions freestyle and cockfights for 2009 in the parks of Madrid. Fifteen years later they meet again in this new volume produced by Paul Gareta.

The collaboration comes in one of the most successful moments of the duo Natos and Waor. Since they have just returned from a Latin American tour to present their latest work “Lovesickness” (24).

The new volume of “Barras Bravas” returns to the origins in which they resume their most old school. Long, forceful raps without chorus in which the rappers are very comfortable. The video clip has been directed by Adrián Grooves and Alfonso Gauchuthe same people responsible for volume twenty-three of Barras Bravas, in which the duo collaborated together Al Safir.

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