Home » War latest news. US House approves aid to Israel and ban on TikTok. At least 10 dead in Israeli raid in Rafah

War latest news. US House approves aid to Israel and ban on TikTok. At least 10 dead in Israeli raid in Rafah

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War latest news.  US House approves aid to Israel and ban on TikTok.  At least 10 dead in Israeli raid in Rafah

Middle East

There were no drones or planes in the air at the time of the explosion at the military base in central Iraq that hosts army troops and former pro-Iranian paramilitaries from Hachd al-Chaabi, integrated into regular Iraqi forces. The Iraqi government made this known after the country’s Islamic Resistance had spoken of a ‘bombing’ and Israel and the United States had denied any involvement. According to security sources, the explosion caused ‘one death and 8 injuries’ among the forces on the base. Two people have died from a Ukrainian drone attack in the Russian region of Belgorod. This was announced by Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov

April 20, 2024


Middle East: Netanyahu, US aid to Israel defends Western civilization

“The United States Congress just overwhelmingly passed a much-welcomed aid bill that demonstrates strong bipartisan support for Israel and champions Western civilization. Thank you friends, thank you America!”. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote it on X.


US House approves 26 billion in aid for Israel

The US House has approved aid to Israel. This amounts to 26 billion dollars, of which 9 for humanitarian aid in Gaza. Over five billion is earmarked for air defense, from the Iron Dome to David’s Sling and the Iron Beam.


Spain: drug trafficking busted on the east coast, 31 arrests

The Spanish police in collaboration with the customs supervision of the tax agency have defeated the largest criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking on the eastern side of the Iberian peninsula, in an operation that led to the arrest of 31 people. Among these, the alleged head of drug trafficking known as ‘the Wikipedia narco’, for his thirty-year criminal curriculum and the sinister fame achieved by recounting his ‘exploits’ on various Internet portals. He was surrounded in his luxurious villa in Bell Horitzò, in Alicante, where he had entrenched himself and pointed a rifle at the officers, before surrendering to capture, the tax police informed today. He is considered the brain of the organization. A load of one ton of cocaine on a boat, as well as cash, bank accounts and a cryptocurrency deposit worth over 10 million euros, were also seized. The investigation is the result of the collaboration of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the United States, with the National Crime Agency (NCA) of the United Kingdom and the police forces of the Netherlands, France and Ireland, as well as that of the Spanish Navy. It started in mid-2022, when thanks to telephone interceptions, various people close to the ‘Wikipedia narco’, known criminals from Eastern Europe, who were preparing a load of cocaine, were identified. (

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