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Who is Lola Beltrán? Meet Mexican singer honored by Google – Verso

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Who is Lola Beltrán?  Meet Mexican singer honored by Google – Verso

Who uses the search engine Googlethis Thursday morning (7), finds a Doodle in honor of the birthday of the Mexican singer and actress Lola Beltran. She would be turning 92 years old on this date. Born in 1932, in the city of Rosario, state of Sinaloa, Mexico, she gave new life to classic songs and helped in the international popularization of the song. Mexican ranchera musical genre.

Of simple origins, Lola grew up in a working class family. O love for music started in church, where he sang. In 1953, she moved with her mother to Mexico City to pursue a career as a singer.

After getting a job as a secretary at a radio station, she had the opportunity to participate in a singing contest live. At the time, she won the competition and also impressed the producers, who helped her get a contract with a record label. At the time, she started doing covers of popular hits and even got her own radio show.

However, Lola’s plans were more ambitious. She began working with composers to create stories about marginalized characters in search of redemption. The melancholic voice soon conquered the country, with hits such as “Cucurrucucu Paloma” and “Cielito Lindo”. Despite singing about the working class, the artist won over audiences from all sectors, as detailed in the blog. Google.

In her career, she made history by becoming the first ranchero singer to perform at the Palace of Fine Arts, in Mexico City. Lola also performed for several presidents and world leaders throughout her life.

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In total, he recorded more than 100 albums, in addition to acting in around 50 films — most of them musicals. She married bullfighter and actor Alfredo Leal, with whom she had a daughter: Maria Elena Leal.

The Mexican woman died in 1996 after suffering a stroke (AVC), as her daughter detailed to the Mexican press at the time, according to the North American newspaper The New York Times.

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