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Xi Jinping to Attend Opening Ceremony of Chengdu Universiade Amid Controversy Over Foreign Leaders’ Attendance

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Xi Jinping to Attend Opening Ceremony of Chengdu Universiade Amid Controversy Over Foreign Leaders’ Attendance

Title: Chinese President Xi Jinping to Attend Chengdu Universiade, Questions Raised Over International Diplomacy and Security Measures

Date: July 24, 2023
Source: Voice of Hope

In a surprising announcement today, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities revealed that President Xi Jinping will be attending the opening ceremony of the 31st Summer Universiade in Chengdu. The event is scheduled to take place from July 27 to 28. Concurrently, the CCP authorities disclosed the list of leaders from six countries who will also be attending the ceremony. However, the selection of these leaders has raised eyebrows and sparked ridicule among netizens.

According to the official media report, the foreign leaders attending the event include President Joko of Indonesia, President Ghazwani of Mauritania, President Ndayishmiye of Burundi, President Ali of Guyana, Prime Minister Garibashvili of Georgia, and Prime Minister Lambka of Fiji. Netizens have been quick to mock this selection, suggesting that these leaders lack international influence or economic strength, and may have been acquired through financial means.

The CCP’s international diplomatic activities have been under scrutiny recently, with limited engagement with developed nations and influential countries. This has prompted the party to resort to spending money in order to garner support from leaders of other nations.

Alongside the news of President Xi’s attendance, the official media also reported the stringent security measures implemented in Chengdu for the Universiade. Starting from July 15 to August 11, 2023, flights are prohibited in the entire administrative area of Chengdu. Additional restrictions on vehicular and pedestrian movement have also been enforced, limiting access to the event area.

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However, amidst these heightened security measures, reports of a burglary case in Chengdu have emerged. Local netizens have shared their experiences of frequent burglaries, often occurring on higher floors of buildings. Although the authorities claim that the case has been solved and the thief apprehended, many residents remain skeptical, citing their own encounters with criminal activity and expressing disbelief in the official statement.

Netizens have expressed their concerns and confusion over the contradiction between the strict security measures implemented for the Universiade and the occurrence of these burglaries. Some believe that the police force has been redirected to focus on the event, leaving the city more vulnerable to criminal activities.

As preparations for the Chengdu Universiade continue, questions regarding the CCP’s international diplomatic dealings and the effectiveness of security measures remain, with netizens highlighting the need for transparency and accountability.

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