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Xie Tian: Xi Jinping was tied to a chariot by him (Picture) Russia | Putin | Ukraine | Ukraine-Russia War | Beijing Winter Olympics |

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Xie Tian: Xi Jinping was tied to a chariot by him (Picture) Russia | Putin | Ukraine | Ukraine-Russia War | Beijing Winter Olympics |

On November 14, 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping attended the BRICS meeting in Brazil. (Credit: Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

[See China February 14, 2022 News]Beijing Winter OlympicsOn the eve of the opening ceremony,RussiaPresident Vladimir Putin landed in Beijing with lightning speed, and Chinese and Russian leaders signed a series of cooperation agreements within half a day.Putin’s visit to China at this time comes at a time when Russia and the United States areUkraineIssues are tense and border wars loom.The outside world realizes that Putin is the biggest winner of the Beijing Winter Olympics, andXi JinpingInadvertently, Putin was also tied to the Russian chariot confronting Europe and the United States.

Overseas commentator Xie Tian wrote an analysis that because many details of the 15 Sino-Russian cooperation treaties have not been disclosed, they may not be disclosed within a few years, but their total value is reported to be between 500 billion and 1.00 trillion yuan. The 15 contracts also stipulate that the CCP must invest in Russia’s newly built northern projects, and also prepay Russia’s oil exports to China, with a total capital of about 140 billion to 200 billion US dollars. In this way, the total value of the contract may be more than 300 billion US dollars, or more than 2 trillion yuan.

The article pointed out that this time, the CCP joined Russia to oppose the eastward expansion of NATO. . The possible consequences of this kind of overall hostility and complete confrontation with NATO and Eastern European countries may not even be fully evaluated and carefully considered by the CCP in advance, because the subsequent negative effects it brings may It will go beyond the CCP’s imagination. For Putin, the biggest takeaway from the trip to Beijing is that it has tied Beijing to the chariot of confrontation between Russia and the West.

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The article analyzes that the five most critical cooperation agreements signed by China and Russia this time include the China-Russia cooperation agreement on the time interoperability of Beidou and GLONASS global satellite navigation systems; the China-Russia Far East natural gas purchase and sale agreement; the protection of refineries in western China Crude oil purchase and sale contract for oil supply; Sino-Russian memorandum of understanding on low-carbon development cooperation; and Sino-Russian cooperation agreement in the field of informatization and digitalization.

Among them, the Sino-Russian cooperation agreement in the field of informatization and digitalization is obviously the CCP’s resale of the information industry and digital industry technologies stolen from the United States, plus the surveillance system developed by the CCP itself, to Russia, which desperately needs these technologies. The agreements between China and Russia on energy, including oil and natural gas, many are supplementary and extended agreements. The significance of the new extended agreement is that it has added some market price factors, but it is more to provide Russia with energy sales guarantees .

Because once Russia invades Ukraine, the United States and Europe will first punish them economically by cutting off all purchases of Russian energy products. Russia, which is financially strapped immediately, needs orders from the CCP to meet its war economy needs. But what the CCP has not calculated clearly is, will Europe and the United States give up? Absolutely not.

The article finally pointed out that the Sino-Russian cooperation agreement on the time interoperability of BeiDou and the GLONASS global satellite navigation system is another weapon for Russia to kidnap the CCP. Whether it’s Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or the CCP’s invasion of Taiwan, the basic tool of modern warfare is the Global Positioning System. This agreement between China and Russia allows each system to use the other’s system after its own system is destroyed. However, such a paramilitary alliance-style sharing of weapon systems may do more harm than good to the CCP, making the CCP’s immature system a key target of the U.S. military. While helping Russia in a confused manner, it will lose its own The weapon of the country. To sum up, this time, for Putin, it was successful to find the back of the pad, while for Xi Jinping, it was a “successful” kidnapping and put on the front fender of a Russian chariot.

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