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Young Cuban missing in Holguín found dead

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Young Cuban missing in Holguín found dead

The young Cuban Eugenio García, missing since Tuesday in the Holguín municipality of Mayarí, was found dead this Thursday in a place known as Arroyo Hondo.

Cuban resident in Miami Adry Díaz, who has been updating information about the case on Facebook, said that authorities found the body in Arroyo Hondo and thanked those who joined in the search since the day he disappeared.

Videos sent to CyberCuba showed several divers deployed in the stream that gives its name to Arroyo Hondo, and one resident said they had found the body in the area under the bridge.

Díaz criticized the inefficiency of the authorities and stated that “the Mayari people were the ones who found Eugenio’s body with their search groups.”

“They found him approximately 1 hour ago. This could have been avoided but the Mayari police are in everything but what they have to be in,” he denounced.

According to Díaz, the 25-year-old young man was the victim of a murder scam to take his money with the bait of a fictitious sale of dollars.

“Eugenio left his house at 5 p.m. (on Tuesday) on a bicycle to buy $4,000. At 6:00 p.m. his cell phone turned off and his family quickly went to the police to report what was happening,” he explained in a Facebook post.

He said that García “left with 1 million 300 thousand pesos” and the police detained a boy who was “the supposed mediator for the purchase and sale.”

Díaz regretted that violence has taken over Mayari, a town known for its “humble and good people.”

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In a previous publication, the woman published an image with the alleged people involved in the disappearance of Eugenio, whose body was found near the river.

“They tortured him, they beat him. They say he even had sticks stuck in his belly,” he explained.

In a video sent to the media, a neighbor said that “they beat him to death and threw his body under a tree, on a hill next to the river.”

After the disappearance of the young man, the town of Mayarí launched an intense search that continued into the early hours of the morning. Now the Mayariceros are asking for a strong hand to contain the wave of violence in the country.

In the last week, at least a dozen young people have died in the country in violent events.

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