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YouTuber Twomad dies at 23

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YouTuber Twomad dies at 23

When a person dedicates their face and their life, their time and their hobbies to the difficult world of creating content on digital platforms, it is difficult to imagine that, in reality, they are individuals covered in flesh, with bones and muscles, like everyone else. , like those who see them. The YouTube community in the United States woke up today with frozen breathing, in addition to the aforementioned reality, due to the sad news of the death of Muudea Sedik, alias Twomad.

The boy was only 23 years old and, although his career began and ended relatively recently – he began his journey on the platform back in 2018 and published his last video in 2022, moving on to other formats of the same nature – he had already managed to reach a whopping 2.2 million followers. His death occurred, as made public by the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner, on February 13. However, both the cause of his death and the strange activity that his profile reflected even after he died have sown uncertainty in a case that, until now, has more questions than answers.

Connected to a video game after dying

As detailed from the North American portal TMZ, the YouTuber was found unconscious in his home after a call requesting social assistance was made due to the mysterious and sudden disappearance of Twomad. In recent days he had several commitments; None of them went, which generated concern that ended first in the call and, later, in the fateful discovery.

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  • Grefito, the content creator’s company, bought the housing block in which the woman resided, who denounces the impossibility of living there and whose complaints have led to the eviction demand.

  • The young man from Zamora is one of the best-known content creators on the entire scene. He left his studies to dedicate himself to YouTube and today has more than 12 million followers.

The doubt that the agents have not been able to clear up is that of his profile. As indicated on his Discord page, a platform on which his followers could observe what he was doing and through which he himself could be seen playing, Twomad had been active in Overwatch for several days. This video game was one of the channel’s usual contents. But this time it was different: as seen in the activity log, he was connected even hours after the announcement of his death.

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The other mystery that this case faces is the “how” of death. Although Sedik’s body was found last Tuesday night, it is unknown how long he had been in that state. The forensic search carried out at the scene of the discovery does not reveal any further light: the cause of death has been postponed.

If you study the environment of Twomad and its latest activities, the doubt is, if possible, greater. From the aforementioned American magazine they point out that “paraphernalia” related to the world of drugs had been found near the body, which would have promoted the theory of an alleged overdose. However, his social networks point to another idea: his latest posts are full of firearms and comments from his followers showing fervent concern, which can be translated as a possible prelude to suicide. If the police are clear about one thing, it is that it is not a homicide.

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