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100 euro bonus for a savings plan at Comdirect: Here’s how it works!

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100 euro bonus for a savings plan at Comdirect: Here’s how it works!

At Comdirect you will receive a bonus of 100.00 euros for opening a savings plan. PR/Business Insider

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There are many reasons for one Savings plan with Cominvest Robo-Advisor at Comdirect* speak – and now another one comes along. Because Comdirect is currently rewarding new customers with one Bonus of 100.00 euros. What do you have to do for it and whether it’s worth it? Here you will find the most important information about the campaign!

Comdirect campaign: 100 euros bonus for opening a savings plan with Cominvest Robo-Advisor

In order to secure the bonus for the savings plan at Comdirect, these requirements must be met:

Depoteröffnung: Opened April 1, 2024 Savings plan at Comdirect*.

Ausführung: Executes twelve savings installments one after the other until May 31, 2024.

New customers: What counts as a new customer is who in the last six months before depot opening not already a customer of Comdirect war.

Savings plan with Cominvest Robo-Advisor: When will you receive the bonus from Comdirect?

As soon as you have set up the savings plan and made twelve savings installments in a row by May 31, 2024, you are entitled to the bonus. The credit is made automatically. The 100.00 euros will be credited to your clearing account.

This is how you invest with the Cominvest Robo-Advisor

Investing with the Cominvest Robo Advisor* is possible from just 100.00 euros per month. However, the robo-advisor does not take action automatically; first you have to define the type of your investment:

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How high are Investment amount and investment period? Do you also have sustainable goals? How high is yours? Willingness to take risks? You also need to provide some information about the personal and financial situation make.

Once these questions have been answered, you will receive one Investment strategy-Suggestion and can one Cominvest-Depot open. The money you deposited is now invested and the robo-advisor begins to manage your assets for you.

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Costs: How high are the fees at Comdirect? Â

There are now numerous providers of depots, all of which have very different and sometimes confusing pricing models. Also the prices of Comdirect may seem unclear at first glance, which is why we have one here Overview of the most important possible costs for depot, savings plan etc. created for you:

DepotführungIn the first three years, portfolio management is free of charge. After three years, it’s 1.95 euros per month. But: from two trades per quarter, with a Comdirect checking account or with a securities savings plan (at least one transaction per quarter), it’s still free after three yearsSavings plan feesFree of charge in the first twelve months After that, 1.5 percent of the order volume per transaction and security identification number (stocks, ETFs, certificates) Up to 100 percent discount on the issuing fee (funds)Ordinance3.90 euros basic fee in the first twelve months thereafter 4.90 euros basic feeOrder commission 0.25 percent of the order volume (minimum 9.90 euros; maximum 59.90 euros)

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Savings plan and deposit with Comdirect – is it worth it?

The bonus of 100.00 euros can be awarded Savings plan opening at Comdirect* make it quite attractive. That’s what they come with preferential conditions in the first three years. However, it should be mentioned at this point that savings plans from other providers are sometimes completely free, while the fees for them at Comdirect amount to 3.90 euros (for all orders from 1000.00 euros). However, that’s what it’s for Depot management free of charge – at least if you regularly pay into your savings plan or carry out trades. Since many providers of free savings plans charge extra for account management, Comdirect is neither much more expensive nor much cheaper than the competition. In this respect, it may be worthwhile to open a depot with Comdirect, to secure the bonus and special conditions*.


Get a 100.00 euro bonus*

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