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A-share market evening news: bottoming out and Shanghai index turning red!Northbound funds are buying the bottom and the direction of foreign trade has set off a wave of daily limit_Oriental Fortune Net

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Check it out before bed!Eastern FortuneThe network combed the evening news, hot sector news and listingCompany Announcementand other information for investors’ reference.

  Counting the situation of A-share market today

The three major A-share indexes rose and fell: the textile and apparel sector set a limit-up trend and the northbound funds bought nearly 7 billion yuan

April 22,Shanghai IndexIt rose and fell in early trading, and rose again in the afternoon. It once rose by nearly 1% and recovered 3100 points, but then the increase quickly narrowed; Shenzhen Component Index,GEM refers toIt also rose in the afternoon, and fell again in the late trading, both hitting new lows for the year; the transaction volume of the two cities shrank significantly compared with yesterday, with a full-day transaction of about 750 billion yuan; northbound funds significantlynet inflowthe net purchase of nearly 7 billion yuan throughout the day.

The direction of foreign trade has set off a rising tide, and the fermentation of new stocks is obvious or is expected to become a transitional theme

The lethality brought by this wave of ebb in the market is extremely strong, and the disk gives people the feeling that it doesn’t matter.stock baseThis aspect and industry logic have all overturned the rhythm of a new one. foreign trade(Textile and Apparelfurniture and home appliances) have strengthened significantly, mainly affected by exchange rate fluctuations, so the height will be relatively limited, but the plate will have corresponding repetitions when the exchange rate fluctuates greatly. ”, you can pay attention to whether there will be better continuity this time and become a market transitiontheme

A shares bottomed out and the Shanghai index turned red!Northbound funds are over 6 billion yuan. This stock has a daily limit of 20cm for two consecutive days

On April 22, the A-share market dropped and rebounded. Regarding the current market, Xu Jie, general manager of Gumu Investment, said that after the second dip, the overall valuation of A-shares has entered a relatively low range, and pessimism has been released again. Following the bottom of the policy, the bottom of sentiment is also gradually being proven, the opportunities outweigh the risks, and there is a high probability of entering a structural rebound stage in the future.

Dragon Tiger List: 77 million rush to raise biological shares, foreign investors buy 2 shares net, institutions buy 17 shares net

April 22, on the listDragon Tiger ListAmong the stocks, the net inflow of funds is the largestbiological shares, was 76.8992 million yuan. The data showed that the stock closed with a daily limit down, with a turnover rate of 7.8% throughout the day.top net inflow of fundsChina Merchants SecuritiesHohhot Xinhua East Street bought 179 million yuan. Institutions participated in 29 stocks in the Dragon Tiger List, of which 17 were net bought by institutions.Tianbao InfrastructureWas bought the most, for 68.7806 million yuan.Another 12 shares wereTianbao Infrastructurenet sales,biological sharesThe most sold was 68.2983 million yuan.

Re-listing 86 daily limit stocks: CNOOC Oil Sealing Board Backgammon, Agricultural Development Seed Industry Down Limit Leading Shares 2 Daily Limit

Today (April 22) the three major indices are differentiated,The Shanghai Composite IndexIt rebounded slightly, and the ChiNext index hit a new low. The turnover of the two cities was 753.3 billion, a decrease of 67.4 billion compared with the previous trading day.On the disk, clothing and textiles, electricity, oil and gas exploration, ports, secondarynew sharesThe sectors such as agricultural planting, prefabricated vegetables, fertilizers and tourism led the decliners. A total of 86 shares had the daily limit today, an increase of 44 shares from the 42 daily limit of the previous trading day. Among the first-class industries of Shenwan, textile and apparel,UtilitiesLeading the gains in both cities.

The Shanghai Index closed slightly higher, Shanghai Yizhong-U, Bank of Nanjing and other 8 stocks hit a record high

On April 22, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3086.92 points, up 0.23%;Shenzhen Component IndexIt closed at 11051.70 points, down 0.29%; the ChiNext Index closed at 2296.60 points, down 0.69%.Eastern FortuneChoice dataIt shows that 8 stocks hit record highs in intraday price today, includingShanghai Yizhong-UBank of NanjingWait.The data shows that 473 individual stocks have hit record lows in intraday price today, includingJintian CopperWait.

Evening news

The central bank studies the opinions and measures to further improve financial support for stable growth: maintain market stability and economic stability

On the afternoon of April 22, the peoplebankThe Party Committee was held to learn and convey the spirit of important meetings and instructions of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, implement the work arrangements of the State Council Financial Committee, analyze and judge the current economic and financial situation, and study the next financial work. The meeting emphasized that on the basis of conscientiously implementing the policies that have been issued, it is necessary to further increase work efforts, further increase support for the real economy, maintain market stability, and maintain economic stability.

Tian Huiyu, former Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China Merchants Bank, was subject to disciplinary review and supervisory investigation

  China Merchants BankTian Huiyu, former Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Co., Ltd., is suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, and is currently undergoing disciplinary review and supervision investigation by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission.

Ten departments: Further increase support for export tax rebates to promote the steady development of foreign trade

Strengthen export creditInsuranceLinked with the export tax rebate policy.For the export business where the enterprise declares tax refund, it obtains export credit due to the inability to collect foreign exchangeInsuranceIndemnity, will export creditInsuranceThe indemnity shall be regarded as foreign exchange collection, and export tax rebate shall be processed. Improve the export tax rebate policy for processing trade. In order to support the development of processing trade enterprises and further reduce the burden on enterprises, after the tax rebate rate for export products is the same, the input VAT transferred out due to inconsistent tax rebate rates and other reasons is allowed to be deducted by the enterprise. Explore the potential of the departure tax rebate policy.

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission: Support improvement and rigid housing demand to actively support the smooth operation of the capital market

On April 22, the Party Committee of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission held a meeting to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Party Central Committee’s instructions, implement the requirements of the special meeting of the Financial Committee of the State Council, study and analyze the current economic and financial situation, and arrange and deploy key tasks for the next stage.The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to actively support the smooth operation of the capital market, promote the two-way flow of capital, and attract moreforeign direct investmentandsecuritiesinvest. Adhere to the “two unshakable”, set red and green lights, and promote the healthy development of the platform economy.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange optimizes and improves the supporting system for the corporate bond registration system

ShanghaisecuritiesThe exchange released the “ShanghaisecuritiesThere are 4 bonds in the Exchange’s Corporate Bond Issuance and Listing Review Rules, the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Corporate Bond Listing Rules, the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Listing Rules for Privately Issued Corporate Bonds, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Bond Market Investor Suitability Management Measures. Business Rules. After the release of this batch of rules, the bond market of the Shanghai Stock Exchange has basically formed a complete and independent rule system covering all business lines such as issuance and listing review, issuance and underwriting, listing and listing, transaction operation, and investor protection. The structure is simple and friendly, which is convenient for market entities to query and use on demand.

State Administration of Foreign Exchange: Future long-term value investment is still the main consideration for foreign capital inflows

State Administration of Foreign Exchange spokesperson Wang Chunying said at a press conference of the State Council Information Office on April 22 that in the first quarter, my country’s current account and direct investment cross-borderCash flowIt maintained a surplus in both domestic and foreign exchanges, supporting the basic balance between cross-border receipts and payments and domestic foreign exchange supply and demand. In the future, long-term value investment will still be the main consideration for foreign capital inflows.

Real money to help! “Beijing supports 18 small, medium and micro enterprises” to benefit enterprises of about 130 billion yuan

On April 22, Beijing issued “Several Measures on Continuing to Increase Support for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises to Accelerate the Recovery and Development of Difficult Enterprises”. At a press conference on the afternoon of the 22nd, Dai Ying, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, introduced that the “Several Measures” included 18 measures in 4 areas. According to preliminary estimates, the 18 measures will benefit more than 1.6 million small, medium and micro enterprises, with a total capital scale of about 130 billion yuan. The main content can be summed up as “three reductions, three supplements and two guarantees”.

Hot sector stocks

After winning 8 boards in 9 days, the backgammon fell to the limit!The two sectors of coal and coal power have experienced significant changes

coal power sectorperformanceUnder pressure, some institutions are still optimistic.Shenwan HongyuanThe study believes that under the background of the high-quality development of coal power set in the energy “14th Five-Year Plan” and high-level speeches repeatedly emphasizing energy security, the contradiction between supply and demand and the distribution of interests at the coal and electrode ends is bound to be reversed in 2022.

The textile and apparel sector broke out!Rongmei Co., Ltd. 20CM long legs Shengtai Group 3 consecutive boards, Tamushi 2 consecutive boards

  Guosen SecuritiesSaid that the recent annual reports of textile and clothing companies have successively disclosed that sports brands at home and abroad have shown outstanding performance and operational efficiency. Since mid-March, the epidemic has had a significant negative impact on the fundamentals and valuation of the sector, but it does not affect the medium and long-term high-quality local. Potential improvement of sports brands and industry growth prospects.

The theme strategy of the eight major brokerages: exposure of the strongest subdivision track in the apparel industry! Optimistic about the industry growth in the next 5 years (with shares)

  Orient SecuritiesSaid that the sportswear industry is the strongest segmented track in the apparel industry, seegood future5 years of industry growth. According to the data of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the retail scale of China’s sportswear market in 2021 will be 371.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.1%, and the 2019-2021 CAGR will be 7.8%. In terms of horizontal comparison, from the two dimensions of market growth and concentration, the sportswear track maintains the leading position. We are optimistic about the growth of the industry in the next five years (expected double-digit compound growth), the main reasons are as follows: 1) Compared with overseas mature markets, the domestic market is still at an early stage and has great future potential; 2) The policy continues to increase to increase sports participation rate; 3) motion scene subdivision + extension.

Listed companyannouncementFeatured

  Changhong Energy: In 2021, its performance will increase by more than 50% year-on-year.

On the evening of April 22, Changhong Energy (836239) released its 2021 annual report. During the reporting period, the company achievedOperating income3.071 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 57.35%;net profit253 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56.19%; deducted non-net profit of 245 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 54.86%.Changhong Energy said that in terms of lithium batteries, the company has improvedBatteryEnergy density and power performance, high rateBatteryThe sales ratio has increased significantly, and the low-temperature cycle ultra-high rate lithiumBatteryTested by high-end customers. In 2021, Taixing Phase III and Mianyang Lithium Battery Project will be put into production as planned, and the production capacity will gradually increase. The company’s lithium battery business and alkaline battery business focus on expanding high-end customers on the basis of solid customer base. The development of major lithium battery customers is progressing smoothly, entering the global first-tier brand supply chain and supplying in batches, and at the same time passing the audit of several global first-tier brands.

  Jiangsu Sunshine: It is planned to invest 20 billion yuan in Baotou City to build a photovoltaic new energy industry chain project

  Jiangsu Sunshine(600220) Announcement on the evening of April 22, the company signed the “Investment Cooperation Agreement” with the Baotou Municipal Government on the 21st, and the “Investment Cooperation Agreement” signed by the Jiuyuan District Government of Baotou City. The company plans to invest in the construction of a new photovoltaic energy industry chain project in Baotou City. Specifically, it plans to build 100,000 tons of polysilicon, 10GW monocrystalline rods (including slices), 10GW cells and modules in Jiuyuan Industrial Park, Baotou City. Photovoltaic power plant project. The total investment (excluding power stations) is about 20 billion yuan.

  Dell New Materials: It is planned to expand the diamond production capacity by 150 million

  Dell New Materials(300700) On the evening of April 22, it was announced that the company plans to carry out a capacity expansion, that is, to increase the production capacity of diamond wire by 24 million kilometers per year. After this expansion, the company’s total production capacity will reach 36 million kilometers per year. The estimated investment amount is about 150 million yuan. In the first quarter, the company achieved an operating income of 123 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 175.75%; a net profit of 13.5085 million yuan, a loss of 6.0983 million yuan in the same period last year.

  Longxi Co., Ltd.: It is planned to invest 155 million yuan to build a long-life, high-reliability spherical plain bearing and its components industrialization project

  Longxi Co., Ltd.(600592) On the evening of April 22, it was announced that the company plans to implement the industrialization project of long-life, high-reliability spherical plain bearings and their components in the Lantian factory area, with a total investment of 155 million yuan.

  Taishan Petroleum: Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Taishan Industrial Development Investment Group

  Taishan Petroleum(000554) On the evening of April 22, it was announced that the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tai’an Taishan Industrial Development Investment Group Co., Ltd. The cooperation contents between the two parties include but are not limited to: joint construction of a new comprehensive energy station; hydrogen energy application demonstration base;Refined oilEasy service projects; commodity cooperation projects.

  Jiahua Energy: Proposed 100 million to 200 million yuanreposhares

  Jiahua Energy(600273) On the evening of April 22, it was announced that the repurchase of shares was planned to be used for equity incentives and to reduce the company’s registered capital. The repurchase amount should not be less than 100 million yuan, not more than 200 million yuan, and the repurchase price should not exceed 13.50 yuan per share.

  Dinglong shares: Proposed 200 million to 400 million share repurchase

  Dinglong shares(300054) On the evening of April 22, it was announced that the company plans to repurchase the company’s shares for the implementation of employee stock ownership plans or equity incentives. The purchase price does not exceed 29 yuan / share.

  Nebula SharesshareholderTang Ping plans to reduce his holdings by no more than 2.46%

  Nebula Shares(300648) On the evening of April 22, it was announced that Tang Ping, a shareholder who holds 9.86% of the shares, plans to reduce his holdings by no more than 2.46%.

  Zhongwang Software: The actual controller plans to increase the company’s shares from 12.5 million yuan to 25 million yuan

  Zhongwang Software(688083) On the evening of April 22, it was announced that Du Yulin, the controlling shareholder, actual controller, chairman and general manager of the company, plans to use the methods permitted by the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading system (including but not limited to 6 months from April 23). Not limited to centralized bidding,big dealetc.) to increase the shares of the company, with a total increase of not less than 12.5 million yuan and not more than 25 million yuan.

  BYD: It is planned to repurchase shares for 1.8 billion to 1.85 billion yuan

  BYD(002594) On the evening of April 22, it was announced that the company plans to repurchase all the shares for the employee stock ownership plan. The employee stock ownership plan will transfer the company’s shares to be repurchased by the company through non-transactional transfer and other methods permitted by laws and regulations. The transfer price is 0 yuan per share. Participants do not need to make capital contributions. The total number of people participating in the employee stock ownership plan does not exceed 12,000 people.

(Article Source:Eastern FortuneResearch center)

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