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Agrivoltaic, CVA and BF together for the development of 150 MW in Emilia-Romagna

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Agrivoltaic, CVA and BF together for the development of 150 MW in Emilia-Romagna

CVA (Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque) and BF together for the development of 150 MW of agri-voltaic plants in Emilia Romagna. The first areas of interest to the project will be those in the BF production areas, such as the Jolanda di Savoia pole, to then open up to important regional and national developments through the CAI network (Consorzio Agrari d’Italia).

Photovoltaic without land use

The goal of the two companies is to start a process that will represent a real national pilot project in terms of agrivoltaics, a system of energy production from renewable sources without occupying the surface used for agricultural production, contributing more and more to the fundamental energy transition process, which envisages the development of 10 GW of photovoltaic energy by 2030.

A CVA 3% of Ferraresi reclamation

The partnership was born following the recent entry of CVA, a company that has always been involved in the generation of electricity from completely renewable sources – above all from hydroelectricity – with an average annual production of around 3 billion kWh, in the shareholding structure of Bonifiche Ferraresi, the largest Italian agricultural company by UAA (Utilized Agricultural Surface), controlled by the BF group, with a share of 3%.

Diversification and transition

“The recent alliances signed by BF with leading Italian players in their reference sectors and the resulting projects aim to develop all the potential offered by the diversification of agro-industrial activities and their efficiency”, explained Federico Vecchioni, CEO of the group bf. «The ecological transition is one of the priority objectives of the mandate program and of the Pact for Work and for the Climate signed by all the social and employers parties of the Region. Its implementation cannot disregard the virtuous involvement of the manufacturing world as well and today’s agreement goes exactly in this direction», commented Stefano Bonaccini speaking during the presentation of the project.

«Thanks to this partnership, CVA intends to develop a further 150 MW of photovoltaic energy and consolidate the objectives of the group’s strategic plan, with the aim of achieving a balanced mix of production exclusively from renewable sources and a redistribution of the risk profile. The operation is particularly important for us because we consider it a pioneering project in the development of the national agrivoltaic sector, crucial for the achievement of the EU targets on renewables», added Giuseppe Argirò, CEO of CVA.

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