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Alitalia, brand on sale: starting from 290 million

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ROME. Published in Italian national newspapers and in the Financial Times the tender for the acquisition of the Alitalia brand. In the announcement, Alitalia – in extraordinary administration – informs that the base price is equal to 290 million euros plus VAT and tax charges in accordance with the law. The brand must be sold by 31 December 2021.

In the first phase of the award, only binding offers equal to or greater than the tender price will be accepted. If both in the first and in the second phase of the award no binding offers are presented, the extraordinary commissioners will then proceed with the sale of the brand without procedural constraints towards the economic operator identified by them. The binding offers for the first phase must be submitted by the admitted subjects – regardless of the respective date of access to the data room – by 2 pm on 4 October 2021. In the event that it is deserted, the offers for the second phase must be presented by the admitted subjects “Within 3 days of receiving the second letter of procedure with the request for binding offers for the second phase”. As regards the relaunch offers, they must be submitted by the invited parties “within 2 days of receiving the appropriate letter of procedure with the request for them” and “each relaunch offer must provide for an improvement of the best binding offer submitted of no less than 10 million of Euro”.

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