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Allnet flat rate with 5 GB in the Vodafone network for just 4.99 euros

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Allnet flat rate with 5 GB in the Vodafone network for just 4.99 euros

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As a casual surfer, you don’t need a lot of data volume per month.

If you want a cheap mobile phone tariff and still don’t want to miss out on a strong network, Freenet now has the right thing for you Vodafone offer.

For just 4.99 euros per month you get five gigabytes (GB) of data volume and all-net flat-rate telephony. In addition, you save the connection price.

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Anyone looking for a new tariff for their smartphone is faced with an almost endless selection of tariffs and providers. Freenet has currently reduced an all-net flat tariff by 77 percent: customers only pay 4.99 euros per month for a five-gigabyte all-net flat rate instead of 21.99 euros and also save on the connection price.

Vodafone Allnet Flat: That’s the deal

For anyone who likes to make a lot of calls, but is not necessarily a long-term surfer, the “Green LTE 5 GB” tariff in the Vodafone network is perfect. Freenet has currently reduced this tariff by 77 percent, so that customers only pay 4.99 euros per month instead of 21.99 euros. This corresponds to a monthly saving of 17 euros and annually 204 euros. The tariff normally has a connection price of 39.99 euros. This amount will be refunded by Freenet to all customers who send an SMS with the text “AG Online” (without special characters) to 22240 within 30 days of contract activation. The SMS costs 0.19 euros once. Telephone calls are made on the “Green LTE 5 GB” tariff in the strong Vodafone network.

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The Green LTE 5 GB tariff at a glance:

Five GB LTE data volume (21.6 Mbit/s) Telephone flat rate EU roaming flat rate Vodafone network VoLTE and WiFi call capable eSIM possible Flexible activation date Save connection price with SMS 4.99 euros per month (instead of 21. 99 euros) Term: 24 months (after expiry 21.99 euros per month)

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Is the Vodafone tariff worth it for you?

If you surf a lot, you won’t be particularly happy with this tariff. The five GB are used up quickly with regular surfing and streaming, and the data transfer rate is not particularly high either. The Allnet flat rate is particularly suitable for people who mainly use their smartphone to make phone calls and rarely look at anything on the Internet. An SMS flat rate is not included in the tariff. If you are still stuck in another contract, this will not be a problem or even a double financial burden; you can choose a flexible contract start with the “Green LTE 5 GB”. So that you really save the connection price of 39.99 euros, you should definitely not forget to send the necessary SMS. You have 30 days to do this after contract activation. Also important to know: The cheap 4.99 euros per month for the “Green LTE 5 GB” tariff only applies to the first 24 months of the minimum contract term. After two years, the monthly price increases to 21.99 euros. If you want to avoid this, you should cancel in good time.

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